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Her dark robes puddled around her legs as she sat on the floor of her room, trying to meditate. Nadia had been working on clearing her mind for what felt like hours, attempting to ignore the clicks and whirls of the engine and the clank of boots across metal floors, but when someone knocked on her door, she gave up completely. It wasn't an excuse to stop, she told herself as she rose to her feet, it was simply being polite. Her knees cracked as she moved and she banished an angry word from the tip of her tongue before she started cursing.

When Nadia opened the door Felix Iresso, the soldier her master had plucked from the icy tundra of Hoth, grinned down at her. He was in his armor still, the white of Republic soldiers with orange stars on his shoulders. "Hey. I'm not interrupting, am I?"

"No, not at all," she assured him hurriedly. They hadn't spoken much, but she was pleased to see him and not Tharan Cedrex. "I was just... thinking."

"Probably have a lot to think about," he said mildly. "Congratulations on it. Your dad would be proud. So what do I call you? Jedi Nadia? Master Grell?"

Nadia waved her hands to dismiss the titles. "Neither. I'm just a padawan, not a Jedi yet. And definitely not a Master. Just Nadia is fine. Um. What should I call you? You were a Lieutenant, right?"

"Still am." He rubbed the back of his neck and Nadia could feel - through the Force like a real Jedi! - a wave of affection as he thought about his unit. At that moment she felt a closeness to him; she understood the confusing jumble of conflicting emotions that were created upon Master Sade's acceptance. There was no way to cut through the ties to one's old life, and even with all that a position on the Defender could offer, anxiety and regret still bound her. Nadia studied him with new interest and he grinned again under her inspection. This smile was more sheepish and made him look more like a big brother than a commanding officer. "But you're not one of my boys; you don't have to call me LT."

Nadia had heard Tharan and Zenith refer to him as Iresso, but Master Sade used his given name. Neither seemed right to Nadia, one too distant and one too close, so instead she echoed, "LT. I like it. Can I call you that? Is that ok?"

"Sure. Now, I came down to tell you that food's ready. You hungry?"

"I'll come up," she answered and followed him up the stairs.

"Good excuse as any to put off training, huh?" he said over his shoulder at him. She ducked her head and mumbled something into her robes and he chuckled. "Don't worry - I won't tell your master on you."

"Thanks, LT." This time when he smiled at her, Nadia smiled back.
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I need to stop making alts.

In my headcanon, my SWTOR characters cross paths and form relationships with each other: Agent Asjary was at the same Academy with Quinn and competed with him to be the star pupil which resulted in some glorious hate sex; when they run into each other, she needles him unrelentlessly about being a Sith's lap dog and he mocks her low military rank. Warrior Kezmir hates that someone else has touched her property and is convinced that Vector is just a Quinn fill-in. Vector likes everyone.

Bounty Hunter Torv went to the Academy too, but got booted out early do to discipline issues. He has a crush on every boy - Lohkin, Vector, Quinn, Revel... - and has a habit of running into Trooper Ethrens, who keeps trying to get him to defect to the Republic so they can get married. Ethrens' older sister is a smuggler who does a lot of unsavory deals with the Empire; Cirawel had business with Asjary once, not realizing Az was an Imp spy. Not that Cirawel would have cared. She had a drunken fling with Kaliyo that left some scars and knows of Mako, but she's secretly glad that she doesn't have to work with either of them since they'd both upstage her. She's slowly becoming more loyal to the Republic under the influence of her crew.

Jedi Consular Sade keeps getting tangled in diplomatic issues that Vector is somehow always a part of, and she's convinced that Asjary is an assassin sent to destroy her/the Council. Az doesn't give a shit about Sade, though she has a passing interest in what Iresso has locked up in his head. They crash into each other as they're both escaping from some prison or something, and Sade's like, "you'll never get me, imperial" and Az is like, "brb loling forever."

Kezmir's run into Sade, too, and wants to crush her bones into a fine paste and spread it on crackers. Which is how she feels about most people, though, so Sade doesn't take it personally. Kezmir also wants to destroy Sade's padawan, but mostly out of jealousy because she doesn't have her own apprentice yet.
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They stood at attention while he made inspections, two neat lines. When Jorgan got to Iresso, the solider managed to still look pleased with himself, despite the neutral expression. Jorgan ignored it as he searched through Iresso's uniform and bunk. Finding nothing out of order, at least nothing big enough to pull him out for, he finally gave in and motioned to the new tattoo. "You lose a bet, solider?"

Iresso grinned. "Got it in Nar Shaddaa during last shore leave, sir."

"Uh huh. Regulation number 670-1-"

"Refer to hair and cosmetics," he interrupted, then added at Jorgan's stare, "sir. I checked before I had it done."

He was still standing at attention, hands clasped behind him, shoulders flat, head up. And still grinning. Jorgan let that slide; Iresso was a good soldier, stupid personal decisions aside. It was a big one, from cheek down to collar. Some bad interpretation of Zabrak tattoos, Jorgan thought. "Had to be the face, huh."

"Hurt like a bitch, sir," Iresso replied cheerfully.

"You should the one Lir got!" Kaelan called out, and Iresso added with a snicker, "More like where he got it."

Down the line Lir leaned out of attention, shooting Iresso a dirty look. Jorgan snorted. "You can keep that to yourself, Lir."
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TVTropes whhhhhhy. I've been on this site all morning, ignoring all the work that piled up over the weekend. TVTropes, I wish I could quit you.

The site should have a way to make pages for your own characters. I know that would take a ridiculous amount of space, but unreasonableness aside, it be fun to make cohesive lists of the tropes that your characters, stories, universes make use of.

Commence boring RP shit that I am compelled to compile.
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Added a few tropes to Lt Iresso's blurb on the Characters: Star Wars The Old Republic page over at TVTropes. There weren't any! Not even Battle Couple, which is basically a trope for every romance option. This guy needs more fandom love! Awkward romance banter aside, I find him incredibly sweet and refreshingly earnest. A nice counterpart to Tharan, who continues to be a creepazoid.

It took me forever to find it, but I knew there was a trope for people who've been shipped out to some shitty locale for punishment.  Not just Put on a Bus, but Reassigned to Antarctica. Perfect.

I love tropes. They appeal to the reader/writer in me as well as my insane need to put things into lists. Trying to find some more to apply to the Consular and Agent storylines and characters, since I'm the farthest in those two classes.  It's difficult to read through the pages, since I'm still attempting to avoid spoilers... But TVTropes is so damn addictive.
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It was nearly a vacation, and she laughed a bit of the irony of that realization. The Republic certainly knew how to build their prisons - another hallmark of their ineffectiveness.

She searched through the corpse of one of the unlucky guards, rifling through bloody pockets until she found the woman's passcodes. They moved out of the sunlight, back to the relative protection that the large coiling trees gave, and as she leaned against the cool wood, she compared it again to the massive prison the Empire had built to contain it's secrets. If Watcher X had been sent to Belsavis instead of Nar Shaddaa -

It was pointless to extrapolate on the past. Az dusted off her gloves and checked her map. All she could do was keeping moving forward.
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Old Republic does do an excellent job deconstructing the binary interpretation of the Force, and of morality in general. Playing Empire doesn't limit the PC to Dark Side choices only, and similarly a Republic character - even a Jedi - can choose Dark or Light options. And the Light isn’t always the best (or even Good) solution. TOR is a fascinating addition to the Star Wars series, and provides more depth, more color, more EVERYTHING than Episodes 1-3 combined. Not that I’m a bitter, disappointed fan or anything. Ahem.

I think my problem may lie in the format of TOR. A MMORPG is seemingly bigger than a single-player counterpart. It’s designed to take into consideration the choices made by thousands, if not millions, of players. But it’s this very expansion that limits it. If that makes sense. Which it might not.

Ok, so, like, Revan is the main character of Knights of the Old Republic. Who Revan is is almost completely decided by the player. From gender to appearance to background to friends to choices to destiny, the player defines who Revan is, and even how the rest of the in-game universe views Revan.

This degree of customization works for a single-player game, because only that single player interacts with that world. For TOR, certain canons have to be established; to continue using Revan as an example, there'd be no way that every player's interpretation of Revan could be implemented, so that character was reduced to a single version. And that Revan is certainly not my Revan. In fact, canon!Revan completely destroys my version of KotOR.

Which isn’t awesome, but I understand Bioware's angle. I don’t judge TOR poorly because of the Revan decisions; however it provides an example as to how such an open-ended and massive universe can sometimes feel limiting. Like Revan had to be narrowly defined, so do all the characters and all the action in TOR - because it all has to fit into the same universe. Does that make sense to anyone who doesn’t live in my head. Arrggghhh wish I were more articulate.

But yeah, that doesn't mean that I cry myself to sleep or wail away at the Star Wars gods. TOR is an immersive, extensive, exciting game that I can’t drag myself away from. I'm in love with my characters, with the NPCs, and hell, even with a lot of other players' characters. The Imperial Agent storyline is a better piece of espionage fiction than most thrillers out there. The Jedi Consular storyline is developing in ways I never could have imagined. And the Smuggler storyline is creating a character who'll be out-scoundreling Han Solo. And those are just the plots I've played so far; each and every class looks fascinating.

...That damn conversation bug is a killer though. Bioware y u so buggy. You're putting Bethesda to shame.
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Pete finished the Landsmeet yesterday. Rained on Saturday so we lazed in front of the TV and he played 12 hours of DA:O. From 4 in the afternoon until 4 at night, and he only stopped because I woke up, realized he wasn't in bed, and then came out to laugh at him. The addiction spreads! I accidentally spoiled the whole Secret Companion aspect with an off-hand remark about Pete's love of [the voice actor] Simon Templeton. But! I haven't ruined Morrigan's offer yet; we'll see how he copes with that curveball.

I haven't been into a fandom like this since... Damn, I don't know. 3:10 to Yuma, I guess. Maybe Coraline. But this obsession blows both of them out of the water. I am enthralled with this series. Hounded by it. I even joined [livejournal.com profile] dragonage_bang. The world's just so damn expansive, the characters so realistic and likeable, the plot so immersive. Arrggghhhh so good. The DA fandom seems awesome so far: really friendly and porn-tacular.

But instead of DA I played KotOR this weekend, partially to give the XBox 360 a break. I came really close to beating the game the year it was released. In fact, I played about 15 hours on Pete's XBox when we were in school, and then when I went home I bought the PC version and started it again. In fact I think I wrote about it on my LJ. Got to the last planet before my interest fizzled. Bah, I was pathetic. I'm about 15 hours in again, on Tantooine. Playing the same characters: female scout named Sade o'Lir who's romancing Carth. Oh Bioware, Y U so awesome.

I started it almost serendipitously right before E3. So now there's The Old Republic to get excited about. Quitting WoW was almost a relief - the thing was practically a second job - and I haven't even tried another MMO since. ...But TOR is tempting. Very, very tempting.
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So The Boy is about 30 hours into DA:O. He's currently torn between the rivaling attentions of Zevren and Alistair, and wishes he could just have both.

I had a day off today and spent it devouring Knights of the Old Republic, while lying on the couch in my bathing suit in front of a fan. I'd forgotten how much I love that damn game. ...And I'm totally digging Carth this time around. Much snarkier than I remember.

I also finished off the last of the DA:O DLC. I've officially pwned all of Dragon Age's offerings: all of DA:O, DA:O-A, DA2, and now the DLC. I really liked all of the DLC missions, especially Morrigan's, but I have to say that the Darkspawn Chronicles was the most deviously entertaining.

Alistair did well for himself, despite his doubt in his abilities. It was interesting to see his choices - werewolves? Golems? Alistair! But he did it on his own: he united the races and when the archdemon came to Denerim, he was there to meet it. He was so close to victory, so close to being the hero. The Hero. That last cutscene, was so umf umf umf )

It's been a Bioware smorgasbord in our apartment.

Needless to say, Pete is stoked about ME3, bummed about the release date. I'm tentatively interested, though fantasy beats space as far as I'm concerned.


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