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One of the listservs I belong to is dedicated to rare books, covering all sorts of topics from new catalogs, advice, and events in book-related fields. Late last week a new member submitted a question about a recent purchase of his. I actually read the responses first, then had to go through to find the original post: He had bought a book (wouldn't say what book) from a reputable dealer (wouldn't say who) and according to his research (wouldn't say what research he did), believed that it was worth far more (wouldn't say how much) than he had paid for it. He wanted to know how to care for it until he was ready to sell, and how to go about selling said book.

The list EXPLODED. The first 10 or so replies were all indignant, some snarky. Like: "The odds of you (a neophyte) buying a book from a recognized, established dealer and 'turning' it in a short time, and making a profit, are doubtful at best. Investment has been proven over the ages to be a very poor reason to buy a book. Most of your questions like "Should I open the package?", and "Where do I keep it?" are simplistic in the extreme. Silly. And choices you can make on your own. How old are you? Ten."

More got involved, some condoning the early replies, like: "I think most of us would, and do, bend over backward to encourage genuine bibliophily. Why we should facilitate ignorant financial speculation in the world of books is beyond me." Others condemned the tone of some of the posters. And them some people started arguing if one should sell (or buy) books to make money, then a debate erupted over semantics, if "investment" is the same as "speculation."

It's like an episode of Fandom Wank. And they're still battling it out.

I've learned a lot from it though; some posted resources for beginner collectors, and I've found some helpful blogs and associations. I don't buy books with the intention of selling them later, and certainly don't expect to turn a profit. I do consider them investments however. My library is my kingdom, etc etc. I've been buying books since I first got an allowance, but I don't I really started collecting until a few years ago. And that's "collecting" in a very loose, very informal usage.
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Rivers Til I Reach You
f!Hawke, on the run from Kirkwall, follows her lover Anders to Denerim, where he has partially begged, partially tricked Queen Cousland into protecting them. Out of the bargain, the Queen-Commander gets their help as she travels across Ferelden, chasing reports of Orlesian involvement in her own country's collapsing Chantry. Also: babies.

I've been severely neglecting my DA Big Bang fic. I got some substantial writing done on the train yesterday and just now did a word count: one-third of the way through. Not bad, but I'd hoped to have it done before NaNo started. ...Yeah, that's probably not going to happen. Slight consolation that the rest of the DA:BB community is procrastinating just as much as me.
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They were almost the same age - or at least looked almost the same age, since no one could get the Anders boy to divulge any of his personal information - so even though the apprentices and the recruits were instructed to remain in their separate quarters of the tower, he ran into him on occasion, both drawn to the few activities and places in the Circle that promised some modicum of fun.

Cullen was in the kitchen the first time, standing over a platter of cooling rolls and feeling the weight of guilt on his shoulders even though he hadn't even touched one yet. There was a snort at his side and before Cullen could grab the wooden sword strapped to his back, the Anders boy had his hands all over the bread, stuffing the rolls into pockets and pouches.

"They're for dinner," Cullen said in an astonished sort of voice that was too high to be impressive. "You can't do that."

"Course I can!" The Anders boy shoved another one down his boot, of all places. "I'm hungry now. Dinner's not for ages."

"If the cooks catch you-"

"They won't, not if you don't tell."

Cullen knew that he should. There were a whole lot of shoulds that he'd been memorizing. Duty was a list of shoulds and honor was a list of should nots. But for some reason, he couldn't think of any of them. The Anders boy's initial look of wariness was replaced with amusement as he waited for Cullen's delayed response, until finally he took of a bite of the last roll and said through a mouthful, "Bread magic is almost as bad as blood magic, you know. Ooh arrgg I'm turning into a pastry abomination."

"That's not funny," Cullen began but then the Anders boy shoved the roll into Cullen's hand and spun on his heel fast as a rogue.

"Arrgg," he said cheerfully, waving over his shoulder.

The roll was still warm enough to be appetizing, even with the bite mark and missing chunk. Cullen frowned at it, at the empty platter, and the door that Anders boy had already slid through. When voices from the back of the kitchen grew louder, Cullen backed away from the table and hurried out the way he'd came. It'd be silly to put it back and wasteful to throw it away, so he stuffed it in his mouth as he jumped down the stairs. He hadn't stolen it - that had been the Anders boy - so he didn't have to feel guilty.

It was possible that mages weren't all bad. But they weren't all good either.
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I am in obsessed crush-mode over my f!Hawke. My first play-through I used default!Hawke, but this time with the help of The Boy, I designed an absolutely gorgeous character. Total girl crush.

She's Larissa Hawke again, rogue extraordinaire with a soft spot for scruffy mages. I am playing her a bit differently, though. First time I went with snark all the way to the end; this time she's more focused on her family, and uses gentler tones with her mother and sister, and the friends she adopts. And she takes no shit from people threatening her loved ones. No fucking shit at all dagger to the face.

Almost done with play-through #2 of DA:O. I'm at the Landsmeet, preparing for the difficult task of conscripting secret!character. Once I've finished that, it'll be a quick run through DA:O-A, then I'll finally play as a male character in DA2. Got his name picked out: Tristan. ...Who's probably going to romance Anders again.

/dorkiness that no one other than me cares about
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The Commander blew out a lazy breath of smoke and stubbed the cigarette into an already over-flowing tray. "All right boys, you know the deal. We're in, we're out, and nobody's the wiser." She tilted back her hat and observed the gang with a cool gaze. "Anders and Nate, you're with me. Sigrun, I want you at the back - Anyone tries to get in, you let 'em know we don't take kindly to interruptions."
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Got the two Dragon Age books. Read them. Bout one of the limited edition DA prints from Bioware. Just now bought jakface" amazing calendar. I love love love her art and this calendar looks hilariously sexily awesome.

I've been doing cool things, too, I swear!

...Played a good 15 hours in my f!Brosca DA game this weekend. She's incredibly awkward, telling jokes that know one gets, not getting the jokes everyone else tells. Cousland was a sweet-talker, Brosca has no persuasion skills. I was joking with The Boy about it - I had to pry Leliana off Cousland during my first play-through; now that I'm wooing her, she doesn't give my poor lonely character the time of day. Half-way through the game and Brosca only just got her first kiss, one that she had to initiate herself after stumbling through one of the most awkward conversations ever. Apparently DA characters only like you when you're hard to get.

Edit: New DA2 DLC announcement tomorrow! Sorry work, sorry school, I have important matters to attend.
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He's almost done in the Deep Roads. I'd forgotten how incredibly creepy, how incredibly traumatizing this quest line is.

Creeping through the still darkness of the ancient roads, following dim, flickering lights deeper and deeper. The archdemon whispers in the night, drawing you closer. And then you learn what the true terror is, hidden in the depths.
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Alistair was the sweetest love interest in Dragon Age. No question. Goofy and awkward, prone to blushing when my character flirted with him, and earnest and eager to please, agreeing to the Warden's most difficult demands.

Anders? Awesome. Demented, but awesome. Hawke's been flirting up a storm with him; she can't resist a scruffy rebel from the wrong side of town. Mostly he shrugs it off, but just now he reverted to his sly, charmingly devious Awakening persona and teased back. Which he probably shouldn't have done, in retrospect, since it just gave Hawke more excuses to pursue him. Some innuendo later and we get this: "I would bath us in blood to keep you safe."

Whoa whoa whoa.

Hawke isn't as serious as the Warden, who would have probably tried to shake the crazy out of Anders and then may have dragged him kicking and screaming back to the Vigil, lecturing him the whole way about duty and sacrifice and "when I was your age I walked uphill both directions just to get to an Archdemon AND I LIKED IT and NO MORE KITTEN FOR YOU YOUNG MAN." Hawke's more laid back, less introspective, more interested in fun, in thriving than surviving. But still! Anders! What the hell! What's she supposed to say to that?

Edit: Heh. Hawke laughed it off and basically flung his warning back at him as a dare for him to just try to resist her. He's slunk back to his clinic and she has to go back to the streets unsatisfied for now. For now, Anders. Hawke will be back.
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I beat Dragon Age this afternoon. I was near tears as it reached its conclusion - the Landsmeet, the night before the battle, that final killing blow. She survived it all, my Mairen Cousland, but she didn't come out unscathed.

One of the things about this game that I loved loved loved was being able to develop my character. Her choices, who she spoke to and how - She was completely different than Pete's mage or my dwarf. Her motivations really interested me. Her motivations for her present actions, her plans for her future, and her regrets for her past. She never got over the deaths of her parents, not really, but the trauma made her into a better Grey Warden, one who understood firsthand how innocent lives could get swept up in others' violence. She was also aware - painfully aware - that more often than not it was other people who paid for her mistakes.

But she also had some amazing sex, so that definitely helped. Who doesn't love an athletic man who's good at following directions?

I've just started Awakenings. Anders is already hilarious. I like his DA2 voice actor more, but hell, his dialog is awesome to listen to no matter what he sounds like. Sooooo excited for E3 this year; I'm hoping they'll announce some new DLC.


Apr. 29th, 2011 01:32 pm
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Just changed from jaetion to jaebility here at DW. And changed my Twitter name from jaebility to sminkingofgin. Beatle fans should get the reference.


Jul. 25th, 2010 10:05 pm
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Me and Pete were discussing what to use for lube in a story set in the Old West. He suggest butter, but I pointed out that using butter meant that the characters would have to stop their sexing for that.

Me: I can't really interrupt the story for some butter churning.
Pete: It'll be like that pottery scene in Ghost.



Jul. 2nd, 2010 12:10 pm
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The reviews for The Last Airbender have been delicious, but I think Charlie Jane Anders's one on iO9 takes the cake: "This is the part where I would insert a quick plot synopsis of the film, but it's really unnecessary - Shyamalan has boiled every epic heroic story of the past 20 years down to its most basic, primal soup-y essence, so he can spray it all over the audience, in a kind of Hero's-Journey bukkake. You will be finding chunks of Joseph Campbell's calcified spooge behind your ears for three days after watching this film, no matter how many times you bathe."


May. 5th, 2010 02:44 pm
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Everyone and their pet donkey has heard of the wank involving Diana Gabaldon and the evil that is fanfic by now so I'm late jumping onto the bandwagon, but I just gotta say that damn, that woman is tripping balls crazy.

If I ever get published, I'd consider fanfic about my book an honor greater than any award. Because it means that not only do people like your stuff, they're inspired by it.

Fanfic is awesome! It gives me new ways to explore the characters, situations, worlds. It keeps that universe open and alive. And where else am I going to read about mpreg? Come on!

Also, if I get published, I will read the hell out of any fanfic for my stuff. In fact, I'm going to write my own. One of the amazing things about fanfic is that it allows you to write characters in ways that you couldn't get away with in profic. That is, there are tropes that are acceptable for fanfic that aren't for profic.

...I might have already planned out some fanfic. I can neither confirm nor deny that I've worked out a gender!switch story.
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May the 4th be with you!
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Pete and I saw The Secret of Kells last week. It's an absolutely breath-taking movie - It surpasses anything by Pixar and Disney.

I read a review - unfortunately can't remember by whom - which bemoaned the lack of female protagonists, particularly in children's media. I agree completely; girls have to identify with the male characters, sometimes against the female ones. However, the reviewer used Kells as an example, how it's about Brendan, the young monk-in-training, or whatever Catholics call that role, and not about the female spirit Aisling. Pete and I were talking about this on the subway ride home: the movie's not really about Brendan. It's about the book.

Finished The Club Dumas by Arturo PĂ©rez-Reverte last week, too, and I felt the same way. The books take precedence; the characters exist almost in a passive sense in regards to the books. In Club the main character, a "book hunter" named Lucas Corso, is hired to locate two copies of a rare and old book The Book of the Nine Doors. As he fulfils his mission, he realizes his life is following the plot of The Three Musketeers; he later ruminates how fictional his quest and the people in his life seem to be. They exist to progress the plot; they are pages in the book.

And that's what I think about Kells, too. The characters don't really matter. We don't learn much about them, they don't really grow or change over the plot's progression, and there's not even much of a plot. They exist to protect the book. It's not a story about their maturation, it's about how the book expands.

It's all very meta. Wish I were more articulate.
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Let me preface this by saying that The Beatles are my favorite band. Ever. They are the best band. Ever. I could on for ages, complete with jumping up and down and waving my arms wildly and probably convulsing on the floor, about how phenomenal they are, how they invented modern music, how important they are not just to rock and roll, but to the entire musical industry. HELL THE ENTIRE WORLD.

John Lennon.

Paul McCartney.

Are awesome.

Their relationship. Christ, I don't even know how to articulate the beautiful complexity of Lennon/McCartney.

Lifting Latches by thinkpink20
Pairing: John Lennon/Paul McCartney
Rating: NC-17 for sex
HOLY SHIT JESUS CHRIST THIS IS THE BEST STORY EVER WRITTEN. When Beatles Rock Band came out, I started joining Beatles communities on LJ. I worked my way through them all and eventually ended up reading RPS of the lads. It was mostly for the lol factor; I'd never been a fan - or even really interested by the concept - of RPS. For shits and giggles I started reading fics, though and I found "Lifting Latches."

So, this is a review coming from someone who has a thorough knowledge of and love for the Beatles; and while is a slasher and is interested in homosexuality, bisexuality, and sexuality in general, was never a John/Paul fan (am now, of course; partially converted by this fic). SERIOUSLY, READ IT. Paul's shyness and desperation to impress the older John; John's need to maintain his influence over Paul coupled with his own insecurities... AWESOME. The natural fluctuation of teenage desire during a conservative time period, and the fears of social rejection for an "unnatural" interest... AWESOME. The bond between John and Paul and their need to strengthen and explore it... SO AWESOME.

Besides that, this story is incredibly well written. [livejournal.com profile] thinkpink20 walks the delicate line between action and exposition. Her Paul is thoughtful and observant, but the story never slows under too much emotional analysis. At the same time, her action scenes are perfectly paced.

And the sex scene is HOT. A lot of slash - hell, a lot of romance - falls into one of two categories: 1) too impersonal, insert-tab-a-into-tab-b sex, and 2) overwrought, over-fraught purple prose sex. Then there's the weird clinicalness that some sex scenes take on, where I feel like I'm reading the minutes from a physical exam, and it's counterpart the author-is-actually-a-virgin stuff where manroots pulsate into love canals. In short, writing convincing sex is hard. But thinkpink20 MASTERS it. Paul and John's scene together is smoking hot. Paul's desire underlines the whole story, and by the time they get into bed, the passion practically palpitating through the lines.

Also, Paul is PERFECT. Fictional!Paul often suffers from acute weepy uke syndrome. This Paul is shy and uncertain, but he's often wiser than John, and while he's not as forward as John, Paul still knows what he wants and when they meet, they do so as equals.

And what's best about this fic?


This. Story. Is. The. Fucking hottest thing. Ever.

All the amazing things about the first story carry over to the second: great characterization, awesome Britishisms, flawless pacing. While the sex scene in "Lifting Latches" is incredibly satisfying, it can be (as Paul himself in the story reflects) interpreted as "just getting off." He - and the audience - worry that he/we read too much into it.

But wow, the climax (hurrrrr) of this story blows (durrrrr) everything away.

Again, the sex is perfect. Steamy and sensitive, it's both sexually arousing and emotionally satisfying. The first, second, and third times I read that part, I actually blushed. I won't spoil it, but John has a line that sets off Paul (and the reader, by extension) and it's so bloody perfect I want to tattoo it on my forehead. thinkpink20 deftly twists everything with that one little line - it's so perfectly John-like. The words aren't really profane, but the choice to use one term in particular is so effective: it's dirty and personal and raw and wow.

I was explaining it all to Pete last night - or at least trying to; this rec is evidence that I'm barely lucid: Part of the reason I'm interested in slash is there's the conflict of man vs self, man vs man, and man vs society. Will man choose to put into danger his place in his world for love? Is his love strong enough to be tested by the illegality of his relationship with his lover? Slash stories don't always explore that; a lot of the time, I find that the whole social consequences of sodomy stuff is ignored. Which is fine, not every story needs to try to dismantle (or even acknowledge) the heteronormative establishment. And sometimes slash stories get too involved with it, so that I'm not reading romance as much as I am a dissertation. But once again, [livejournal.com profile] thinkpink20 does it perfectly. Toward the end of "Postcards," Paul stops himself from fantasizing a certain something because of how "queer" it could be. (And then, because [livejournal.com profile] thinkpink20 is a genius), he immediately worries about John.

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I've been following the Harlequin vanity bodice-ripping wank! (Even more awesome than it sounds) since the Smart Bitches posted about it. Besides being a romance novel reader - and one who's a fan of Harlequin Historicals in particular - I've been fascinated by this debacle because I'm working on a romance novel myself, one that I hope to one day attempt to sell.

I'm completely against Harlequin here. WTF, guys, just WTF. Vanity publishing is the enemy of authors. You might as well drop your book in a vat of acid along with your life savings. I admire the hell out of RWA, SFWA, and MWA for taking a stand against Harlequin's idiocy.

Harlequin's already done some back-pedaling. It'll be interesting to see how this gets resolved.
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Back in the days of yore when I was super active in fandom, I used FF.net. Really that was all there was. Other than that, I submitted my Digimon and Zelda fics to personal shrines/sites - Mostly on Geocities, if I remember correctly, so they're probably long gone. I have very little experience with fanfiction archives; after FF.net, I primarily used my LJ for fics, both for posting my own and reading other people's work.

Anyone get an invite to AO3? Even if you haven't, what do you think of it?
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When I went to the library on Saturday, I had no idea what was ins tore for me. I picked up some mysteries, a couple of Discworld paperbacks, and then wandered into the sci fi/fantasy section to look for any new Patricia McKillip novels. Pickings were slim, so when I passed a series of book with Dragon in the titles, I decided to grab them. I love me some cheesy fantasy novels and covers with dragons on them are a sure buy (or sure borrow, in this case).

On Sunday morning, I woke up before The Boy and so decided to read a bit. I pulled Touched by Venom from my bag o' books and started to read.


The first paragraph was terrible. Author Cross sprinkles Call a Rabbit a Smeerps like salt - there's enough in there to kill a colony of slugs. I flipped through the first few pages to see if it got better.

And that was then I discovered it. This was no ordinary crappy fantasy novel. Oh no. This was something much worse.

This was the VENOM COCK.

AHAHAHA I can't believe I picked up this book! What're the odds? I wonder if I subconciously remembered reading about it on Fandom Wank and that prompted me to borrow it. But my god is it terrible - Beyond terrible. Everything about it is brain-bleachingly bad. I need to exorcise my book bag. When Pete, who knows all about the history of revering the venom cock, woke up, I read him choice selections. We laughed, we cried, I threw it back into the depths of my bag.


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