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Snake grimaced as he peeled his bloody sleeve from his arm. The bullet had taken out a chunk of flesh, but thankfully it hadn't been a direct hit. Snake inspected it was a detached concern - it'd be fine wrapped up for a while, but he'd need stitches at some point lest it get infected. From his medical kit he pulled out a roll of gauze and set about bandaging the wound. Pain flashed and his stomach rolled and threatened to revolt. Snake grunted and inhaled slowly until the nausea passed.

Done with pampering himself, Snake wiped the sweat off his brow and stood shakily to his feet. Quickly he reloaded his gun and then, with another deep breath, he turned back towards the army base.
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The one guard on duty seemed to be more interested in wasting time than actual protecting his area, and Snake grinned. You could always trust the US government to hire the woefully inadequate.

Snake settled back into the shadows and opened his gun to quickly count his remaining bullets. It'd be easier to shoot the poor bastard and continue on his way, but he didn't know what kind of force waited on the other side of the door. His best bet would be to conserve his shots by taking the guard out manually. Plan settled, Snake stood and moved out of the safety of the dark.

The guard had found some book of interest and had put his gun on a nearby table so he could flip through the pages with hands unfettered. Snake crept in silence, his years of training had made him an expert in covert military operations.

As fast as his name implied, Snake grabbed the guard and pulled him into a headlock. "Stay quiet," he warned when the man struggled, "And maybe you'll live to see tomorrow."

"Don't kill me! I don't know anything!" The guard gasped and wiggled in Snake's tight embrace.

"I could tell," Snake replied dryly as he dragged him out of the light and into the secluded hallway.
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Min leaned back against David's chest, utterly content with the world. The stars above were so clear and so bright that she felt that if she had the will to move from her comfortable spot, she could stand up and pluck them from the sky. Alaska was like an entire new world, like a different *universe* from her little apartment in Dewsbury. It was as if she had fallen into a rabbithole, or as if she had been drawn into a fantasy, or as if her eyes had finally opened.

Behind her, David frowned at the moon. There'd be a cold front bringing in rain by tomorrow afternoon. If it brought a downpour, which the voice on his transistor radio had promised, they'd be trapped at the house until the roads dried. It had seemed like such a damn good idea to him all those years ago to live out in the sticks, but now David worried that isolated from the rest of the population they'd be open for an attack. What would he do with Min if Foxhound came for him again?

If they came, this time they'd just dispose of her.
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The one guard ordered to protect the post was wandering about, whistling blithely; Snake's task was to be an easy one. Within seconds, Snake was behind the luckless bastard. One hand deftly removed the guard's weapon while the other pushed a knife against the man's back. The guard gasped before Snake growled a warning, "Quiet."

A movement above him caused Snake to freeze - something was dangling from the doorway. A tense moment passed and then Snake chuckled. Mistletoe. He grinned and leaned down towards the guard to kiss him. "Tis the season, buddy."
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Snake pushed himself hard against the trunk of the tree but he needn't have bothered - the guard simply wandered back unto the trail without a glance in Snake's direction.

He exhaled slowly and relaxed his frozen muscles as he pondered the fate of the poor bastard. If he tranquelized him, the guard could have to time wake up and radio in a report before he had time to sneak inside the building. Death it was.
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His dogs had been gone for ages, sold or killed by whomever the Colonel had left in charge. The kennels had fallen into disrepair in his absence, not fit for the poor bastards anyway. Still, he wished that they would have left his dogs at the farm. The animals had been what saved him when he went mad. After all, David thought grimly as he prodded a collapsing wall with his foot, sometimes dogs are more humain than people.

He leaned against the door and sighed as his cigarette burnt out. He was right back where he started; he had been an idiot and made a full circle instead of esacping from his fate. It was as if the past five years had never happened, as if he had just killed his brother and been dropped off on the farm for the first time. Damn irony.

Pissed at his inabilities, he slung the shotgun over his shoulder and stumped out of the barn. *This* time he wouldn't be sucked into another game. *This* time he had a real human being to save, not another soldier or another spy or another whatever the fuck they expected him to protect. Min was an innocent being with good, wholesome American parents and a decent, peaceful life ahead of her. She'd finish her degree and get married in a counrty church and have kids and make them cupcakes and be concerned with things like tax returns and flat tires.

He paused to light another ciagette and muse over his own future. He'd be less lucky, probably taking a bullet in some godawful forest and die slowly of blood loss or infection. Or maybe he'd be captured and killed in a prison cell by one of his hundreds of enemies.

He had to bend forward to protect the match from the wind. His hair fell forward and he grumbled as he it batted in out of the way. He'd need another haircut soon or else he'd start to look like a damn pirate again.
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His bedroom held the most promises so mindless of the creaking and moaning of the stairs she climbed upward to rifle through his secrets.

She was surprsied by a vast disapointment.

Either he had delibrately hid anything of interest or David was a man who survived only on the bare minimum. His bed was little more than a bag of noisy springs; his bedsheets layers of old blankets. Her eyebrows furrowed as she spotted stains - blood. Her breath escaped with a hiss; David harbored something bigger than she could imagine. He had to be more than a CIA soldier. That or he routinely deflowered particularly ripe virgins.

What was he, exactly? None of it added up: the kidnapping, her abuse, their escape... his grunted explanations and sullen conversations hadn't filled in all the holes. Min knew nothing but a handful of disjointed theories which left her baffled and frightened. She had been taken to force him to do something, that much she had realized in her first hours in the cell. The man in charge had known David -very personally- but had still manage to misjudge him. David had had rigorous training in the arts of stealth and battle and although he had apparently been retired, he could still rely on his talents. Free from whomever had first hired (used?) him, David could be a mercenary for the highest bidder. Her keeper had attempted to barter with David with her life as collateral but had failed when she had fought back.

But to what purpose? Why had that man been so desperate to have David fight for him? And what of the name "Snake?" It was his title from the past, she had gathered that much, but how much of David belonged to that name?
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She had waited until their twelveth date to sleep with him. It had been difficult practicing chasity, but Min waited as patiently as she could. She was practically holding her breath, hoping with every fiber of her anxious body that he'd meet her standards. She needn't have worried - he passed her tests with flying colors.

Their bedroom courtship had taken hours. She took off her shirt with trembling fingers and traced his old scars as he chuckled. He thought it was all very amusing but she considered the moment holy. It was their age difference that made David snicker; she acted like a kid seeing an anatomy book for the first time. He had doubted that she was virgin (and was proven correct when he slid into her) and thus had wondered at the awe that his body inspired, but he was stoic enough to keep most of his questions to himself.

His body was that of a soldier - Min would have known that even if they hadn't shared their histories on their eighth (ninth?) date. He had wide shoulders and a broad chest that tapered to a narrow waist; a body that had been chinseled through rigorous and regular exercise. She had been surprised at the number of scars though - how many battles could one soldier be in? Admittedly she knew little about the armed forces, but she had never expected that a soldier would be placed in danger so many times.

Her undressing was less religious. It had been too long since he had properly had a woman and he surprised himself with the nervousness and eagerness that rose inside him. Her body was ripe with youth and he felt older than ever as his eyes traced her curves. He was filled suddenly with the need to please her and show her what he could still do. Maybe, too, prove to himself that the old Snake wasn't lost completely.


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