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Chapter 2, draft 3

The bell finally rang and before Takeru even put down his pencil, I was up out of my seat and running through the door. School was over and Hikari was waiting for me. At the lockers I pulled out my cell and sent her an email, and then leaned against the wall where I had a good view of everyone. Once we met up we'd head to the art clubroom together, or maybe I'd be able to convince her to forget about it and go to the Digital World instead. Takeru would just have to sit around at a computer and wait for us to come back.
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Not like Ken noticed. There could be a parade with fireworks and Mimi singing in a hot air balloon with banners and confetti and people dancing and banging on drums the size of hot tubs, and Ken wouldn't blink a single one of his dark eyes.

I slid my phone back into my pocket, the email to him unsent. It was too cold to keep holding it in my hands; I had to blow on them and then jam then into my armpits to unfreeze them. Jun said that it was supposed to snow, but it hadn't yet, even though it'd been cloudy for days. I watched my breath get sucked up into the sky and felt like an idiot when for a second I imagined I was a dragon.

A couple went by, giggling at each other. He put his arm around her, she tilted her head up. I watched them out of the corner of my eye and reached for my phone again. The email was still on the screen, half finished but all stupid. I erased it, deleting each character until the screen was blank. It was stupid waiting out in the cold, especially for someone who didn't even know he was supposed to show up. I looked up at the sky again and wished I had my goggles.

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Fine Art (zillionth draft)
Working on: Chapter two: Daisuke vs the art club
Word count for this chapter: 1624

Finally had some time today to get back into writing. The second chapter's coming along, but needs some fine-tuning before I submit it anywhere.
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Title: Fine Art (chapter one)
Fandom: Digimon
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nope
Author's note: I'm going to finish this sucker or die trying.

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In celebration of Digimon's anniversary, it's the Digimon Kink Meme!
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Fine Art (zillionth draft)
Working on: First chapter! Getting Daisuke to school and into the art club.
Word count for this chapter: 1172

For [livejournal.com profile] kashiichan!

It wasn’t like blowing up buildings or punching dragons right in the face, but the first week of wearing uniforms and having a shitload of homework was OK, I guess. Me, Takeru, and Hikari rode the train together, which sucked because it meant dealing with Takeru’s bright and early cheerfully annoying existence all the way to school, but which was also awesome because Hikari in the morning was like eating a bowel of sunshine for breakfast. We all got into high school together, even though Jun said that the only way I’d pass the entrance exam was if I dressed up Ken and made him take it in my place. So what if that’s practically what happened? There was no way I was going to let Takeru get Hikari all to himself - And it was the same school that Taichi-sempai had gone and Ishida-sempai, too, before he got too cool for it and quit to become a kick-ass rock star. So what if it meant that Ken had to sleepover for practically a whole month while he helped me study? I made it in totally fair and square, no matter what Jun said.

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After weeks months years of neglect, yesterday I started re-writing my epic(ally bad) fanfic "Fine Art." I never stopped thinking about it, even as I went through high school and college, and I do intend to finish it. At some point. Hopefully. I'll keep telling myself that.

So anyway I re-read chapters 4 and 5, which have been moldering in Google documents. They're ok, I guess. But there's too much dialog, not enough action. And Daisuke should be all about movement and energy. And there's my big problem - Since my read of Daisuke is he's more about impulses than ponderings, I can't have too many scenes of navel-gazing. And then I start to worry that I'm making him too observant. I began re-writing the chapter where he talks to Willis... And I think it's a bit better. Shorter, definitely. I need to have Willis as some sort of presence - he's sort of the Greek chorus here - and since he's one the other side of the planet, he can only communicate through phone calls.

But if the pace gets too fast, I think Daisuke's maturation doesn't get explored enough. He can't change completely, not that quickly.

So I'm stumped.

Daisuke needs to a)join the art club, b)join the soccer club, c)get to Ken's house. Those are his physical movements; he's also got to a)begin to see himself as more than just a member of the Chosen Children, b)see the rest of the gang as more than just the Chosen Children, c)develop enough emotionally that he can begin sexual maturation, d)fall out of infatuation with Hikari and in love with Ken, e)probably a crapload of other things.

I think I just don't have enough practice with first-person POV. With third-person perspective, I can write about things that Daisuke wouldn't notice, but since he's narrating, I'm limited in showing only the things that he is interested in or he's willing to pay attention to.

And I'm bad at action. I really am. Oh god, so terrible. Bad at description, too. But I love writing dialog.
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They went like a pair of tourists to the Statue of Liberty, cheesy t-shirts and big sunglasses and everything. Mimi looked great, but she always did, no matter how ridiculous the get up, and Willis relished in the absurdity of his outfit. He asked for directions from some suit in a mixture of Japanese and German, made a giggling Mimi take a picture of them together, and rigorously shook the man's hand for a good minute while gushing praise for native New Yorkers' knowledge of geography.
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Ken stretched with a yawn, cat-graceful and lazy, and turned toward Daisuke, who slept on undisturbed by the movement. Even in the dawn's half light, it was infinitely easier to study Daisuke, for once quiet and still, and Ken took advantage of his insomnia to stare unabashedly at the other boy.

In full daylight, he couldn't stare with such intensity. Perhaps the Kaiser could have, but Ken dishonestly denied any connection to his former alter ego. His gaze was different now than the Kaiser's, anyway: curious, appreciative, lingering - not calculating.
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He'd only tuned the first two strings before Taichi grabbed the guitar's neck and pulled it out of his lap. When Taichi strummed it, it unsurprisingly sounded terrible. He wailed some lyrics in English, something about cars and something about seat belts, and then jumped upp and did a hip thrust that was so funny that Yamato laughed himself off the side of the bed.
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Title: untitled
Fandom: Digimon
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nope
Author's note: For Three Weeks for Dreamwidth

Mimi grabbed Sora's hand in her own - warm, soft, with the tips of her pink-painted nails poking and stroking Sora's palm in a way that was getting increasingly difficult for Sora to dismiss as accidental. "Mimi -"

"Hurry up, Sora! You're only here for two weeks - That's barely enough time!"

Sora laughed as the other girl dragged her down the sidewalk. "For what?"

Mimi stopped suddenly and spun to face her. "Everything," she said firmly. The smile that followed made Sora's eye widen.

Just what did everything entail?
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He skipped his last class and rode the bus all the way from Odaiba, spending the ride composing long messages to Ken, all of which he deleted before he screwed up the courage to send them. If he were better with words he'd do it, maybe, but even with all the English he'd picked up over the years and the few phrases in French and German he'd stolen from Ken, Daisuke couldn't figure out how to say exactly what he meant. He had always preferred to do things in person anyway, so he flipped his phone closed and stood, feet tapping impatiently, at the door for the bus to finally stop and let him out.

He found Ken's bike and perched on the seat as he waited for the school day to end.
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Title: Ken In Recline
Pairing: Daisuke/Ken
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nope
Author's note: HURRRR I got into school DURRRR

He boasts to Ken about what he's going to be when he grows up, namely Awesome with a capital A. And maybe a professional soccer player with Ken, and as an unstoppable force, they win so many Olympic gold medals that the other countries have to beg for them to retire so they can have a chance at first place. Or maybe an artist who single-handedly changes the art world forever with his paintings of Ken. Ken in Recline is his first hit, then The Mona Ken, then The Disintegration of the Persistence of Ken, then Ken's Starry Night. When school isn't going well, Daisuke's speculations return to the Digital World, and he makes plans for them to leave Japan to live with their Digimon.

Daisuke's hand fumbles for Ken's in the dark and when their fingers finally meet, they grab a hold tightly, squeezing and twisting.

Ken is always included in Daisuke's imaginary adulthood. His presence is a given, he is an irremovable element of all of Daisuke's fantasies, he is as much as a part of Daisuke's future as Daisuke himself.

Even when Daisuke falls asleep, their fingers remain linked.
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I grabbed Ken's hand before he or I or anyone could do anything about it and I ran hard across the street, dragging him behind like I was an unruly dog barely contained on a leash. They tried really hard, but none of the cars - not even the truck of fish - ran us over.

Cross the street, sidewalk, up over the fence. I had to stop on the other side and do a dance of impatience while Ken dithered and dicked around.

"Daisuke," he said from the other side of the bars, "this is probably the ultimate of bad ideas that your lifetime of ridiculousness has produced."

"Ok, I don't really know what you just said. But this isn't half as bad as the time I tried to climb up all the way to your window."

"Penultimate, then."

"I think you're full of shit and you were just setting yourself up so you could say 'penultimate.' Whatever it means."

Ken's eyes narrowed and I held my breath in my lungs until it burned and made me dizzy. Then a sigh slid out from his lips, and he lifted on of those long legs up and hoisted himself over the fence, smooth as water falling.

I jammed my hands into the darkest depths of my pockets so they wouldn't grab at him again. Once could be brushed off as meaningless, twice would be plain old friendship suicide.
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Title: Insides
Fandom: Digimon 02
Character/Pairing: Willis, Mimi
Rating: PG
Summary: Response to fanfic100's Insides
Author's Notes: I'm messing quite a bit with the storyline of Digimon 02. This story, as well as the others for the fanfic100 challenge, will assume that the second half of the season did not occur. Instead, Ken *chose* to be the Kaiser and then *chose* to be redeemed. And only the Chosen Children have digimon, not the entire world. I'm using Willis' American-dub name, rather than Wallace (simply because I like the name Willis more), but I will be using the Japanese names for the other characters. My little table.

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Title: Insides
Fandom: Digimon 02
Characters: Willis, Mimi
Prompt: Insides
Word Count: 544
Rating: PG
Summary: Willis gets a tour of Mimi's apartment.
Author's Notes: I'm messing quite a bit with the storyline of Digimon 02; take that, canon! This story, as well as the others for the fanfic100 challenge, will assume that the second half of the season did not occur. Instead, Ken *chose* to be the Kaiser and then *chose* to be redeemed. And only the Chosen Children have digimon, not the entire world. I'm using Willis' American-dub name, rather than Wallace (simply because I like the name Willis more), but I will be using the Japanese names for the other characters. My little table.

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WiP meme

May. 8th, 2009 11:38 am
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Stole this meme from [personal profile] nagia. Post one sentence from your current Works-in-Progress.

He'd only seen her natural hair color once: after two weeks at sleep-away camp, she came back with stripes her brown hair peaking through the faded blue, kind of like she was molting or something. When he said she looked like a mixed-up skunk, she chased him around the Pink Palace. (Coraline - "Birds & Bees")

It had been hot work, pulling weeds, and boring, too, even when she pretended she was Godzilla and the plants were unfortunate bystanders meeting their untimely demise. (Coraline - "Wrapped up in Clover")

"We don't have to watch any movies," I said hurriedly. "We can go to bed, like, right now so we can wake up at the buttcrack of dawn and get you to your interview. Or maybe I'll stay up all night reading your notes out loud to you so you can learn them by osmosis or something. I don't know. But I'm staying and I need a toothbrush." (Digimon - "Fine Art")

As soon as she figured out who she was, she'd chase the little harlot right out of town. (TTBtM)

When Lest tugged at buttons that ran along her back like a second spine, she had to close her eyes and lock her jaw so that confessions and vomit didn't spill out. ("Masca")
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Title: Death by Chocolate
Fandom: Digimon 02
Characters: Willis, Mimi
Prompt: Writer's Choice: Valentine's Day
Word Count: 536
Rating: PG
Summary: Celebrating February 15th and unrequited love.
Author's Notes: I'm messing quite a bit with the storyline of Digimon 02; take that, canon! This story, as well as the others for the fanfic100 challenge, will assume that the second half of the season did not occur. Instead, Ken *chose* to be the Kaiser and then *chose* to be redeemed. And only the Chosen Children have digimon, not the entire world. I'm using Willis' American-dub name, rather than Wallace (simply because I like the name Willis more), but I will be using the Japanese names for the other characters. My little table.

Death by Chocolate )

"Fine Art"

Sep. 2nd, 2008 10:27 pm
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It's September - wtf happened to this year? - and it's pretty obvious I'm not going to fulfill my New Year's resolution of completing "Fine Art." I have been working on it, but it's been more research than writing. I've been reading and watching a lot on youth and homosexuality; I've gotten a much better sense of teh gay, I think. In any event, I'm not writing fangirly hawt guys kissing!, which was basically my motivation for "Fine Art" the first time around.

The hardest part I've had with the story is getting Daisuke's voice down right. Playing as Yuffie has helped, since (in my mind, anyway) they share a goofy optimism and egoism. She's smarter, inclined to say more things with bigger words, while Daisuke relies on actions for basically everything. She's more slippery than him, and has a better sense of her body and what she can do with it. They both flounder around quite a bit, however. Goons, the both of them.

The first three chapters are basically done. I have the fourth chapter written in pieces - Just need to fit it together properly. I have the next few chapters mapped out pretty well and the rest of the story planned. I actually have an ending this time! Alls I need to do is get off my lazy ass and write them.

Next year. Next year I'll finish it. So help me, jeebus!

I worked on Skyless Oblivion, recently, too. I've been thinking about starting a blog just for updates on my story in hopes that'll inspire me to work consistently at it.

I love Daisuke and Ken, and I want to give them the time and effort and attention that they deserve.
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Title: Summer Days
Author: [livejournal.com profile] verdictlesslife
Characters: Daisuke and Ken
Summary: They're my OTP! I had to write porn for them!
Warnings: Hand jobs
A/N: For porn_battle at IJ.

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