Mar. 5th, 2012

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Added a few tropes to Lt Iresso's blurb on the Characters: Star Wars The Old Republic page over at TVTropes. There weren't any! Not even Battle Couple, which is basically a trope for every romance option. This guy needs more fandom love! Awkward romance banter aside, I find him incredibly sweet and refreshingly earnest. A nice counterpart to Tharan, who continues to be a creepazoid.

It took me forever to find it, but I knew there was a trope for people who've been shipped out to some shitty locale for punishment.  Not just Put on a Bus, but Reassigned to Antarctica. Perfect.

I love tropes. They appeal to the reader/writer in me as well as my insane need to put things into lists. Trying to find some more to apply to the Consular and Agent storylines and characters, since I'm the farthest in those two classes.  It's difficult to read through the pages, since I'm still attempting to avoid spoilers... But TVTropes is so damn addictive.
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TVTropes whhhhhhy. I've been on this site all morning, ignoring all the work that piled up over the weekend. TVTropes, I wish I could quit you.

The site should have a way to make pages for your own characters. I know that would take a ridiculous amount of space, but unreasonableness aside, it be fun to make cohesive lists of the tropes that your characters, stories, universes make use of.

Commence boring RP shit that I am compelled to compile.
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It started out as pity.

The coldness of Skyrim extended to its people, and even in the crowded city of Windhelm she felt alone. Her entrance had been inauspicious: she’d interrupted a shake-down of sorts; two men intimidating a woman, who’d stood her ground despite the abuse. Things hadn’t improved from there. She walked from the slums to the estates and back through again, pausing at the graveyard, then warming her hands at the blacksmith’s fire.

There was a beggar there, a woman in rags who coughed and shivered, and nearly wept when Inswe fished a septim from her pouch. The guards walked by them like they were invisible.

She found Wylandriah’s soul gem and left the White Phial quickly, pulling her hood up and crossing her arms tight over her chest. Somehow it was colder than Winterhold, even without the snow and wind, and she made her way down the icy stone streets as swiftly as she could, ready to retreat back to the sun-dappled Riften. At the gates was another beggar and when she came closer she recognized him: one of the pair who’d harassed Suvaris.

He thanked her when he took her coin, giving no indication of recognition. But perhaps he couldn’t see her face under her hood. “I could be an elf,” she said, and he frowned down at her.

“Are you?”

She pulled the hood down, exposing her round ears. “Breton. But you couldn’t have known that.”

“No,” he said and stared at the septim lying flat in his wide palm. “Do you want this back?”

It was cold and it was dark, and Inswe was tired of the city and of Nords in general. “No, keep it. Go to the inn, get a warm meal.”

The guards pulled the gates banging closed behind her and Inswe didn’t look back until she’d passed Kynesgrove and all she could see off the city was its walls.
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13. Mages or Templars?
Mages, no question. While the Templar/mage relationship may have started with the best intentions and possibly even worked at some time, but the time we see the Circles in DA and DA2, it's clear that they function as prisons.

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