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She got sand in her hair, under her clothes, in her eyes, and in the oil, but Rikku proved once and for all that she could drive Brother's racer faster and farther than any other Al Bhed. Sure she had to steal it to prove it, but that just meant she was a better thief, too.
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Title: This is what happens when you read comics instead of working
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nope
Author's note: For Three Weeks for Dreamwidth

The punch was too swift to avoid and his head snapped backward, the rest of his body following. She grabbed a fistful of shirt to keep him from falling over and punched him twice again, two quick shots that cracked his jaw and her knuckles.

She heard Jecht's slow whistle behind her, the heft of his massive sword, a chuckle low and warm the tempered her flames into smoldering embers. "'Less there's a market for teeth now, there ain't much else you can get outta him."

She released him and the kid sagged to the ground. "All right, I'm letting you off easy this time, sport. If I see you 'round here again," she pressed her foot into his stomach and leaned over, "I will collect those pretty teeth of yours."

Yuffie cackled maniacally until he crawled away. His gang, skulking nervously in the shadows grabbed their boss and ran off with him, staring back at her with open mouths like she'd grab his ankles and pull him back.

"You usually this crazy?" Jecht clamped one of his big hands over the top of her head, flattening her hair into her eyes.

"Stayed up reading comics all night! What'd you think of that last line? Pretty good, right?"


"You know you're impressed. You set me up with that teeth thing anyway. Hey, I got his wallet. Pfff... Not even a hundred gil. Honestly, what kind of gang was he running? L-A-M-E."

Jecht grumbled a curse. "Looks like we're gonna have to barbecue the giant chicken."

"Hey, you leave Momo the Chocobo out of this." She finished rummaging through the wallet and tucked it into her pocket, in case she needed it later.

"Yeah? Or what?"

"You want a piece of me too, old man?"

"Nah. Too scrawny for dinner."

"Up yours, baldy!"


A use for the wallet: throwing at Jecht.
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Title: Burning
Setting: AU, after the pilgrimage
Themes: 26) Intoxication, 53) Return(ing), 78) Fire
Pairing: Auron/Rikku
Rating: K
Warnings: Nope
Author's note: Inspired by this icon by iconette. My other stories for [livejournal.com profile] pyre_flies are here.

Burning )
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Title: Burning
Setting: AU, after the pilgrimage
Themes: 26) Intoxication, 53) Return(ing), 78) Fire
Pairing: Auron/Rikku
Rating: K
Warnings: Nope
Author's note: Inspired by this icon by iconette.

Burning )
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Title: Diving for Pearls (part 2)
Setting: Sometime during the pilgrimage
Themes: 21) Watching, 84) Trust, 95) Secret(s)
Pairing: Auron/Rikku
Rating: K
Warnings: Nope
Summary: First part is here.

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Aug. 2nd, 2008 02:30 pm
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Cross-posted from my IJ.


[livejournal.com profile] o_chibi_chan finally finished "The Shape of His Heart," which is by far the greatest, funniest, epic-ist Final Fantasy X story out there. No, the greatest Final Fantasy story. No wait, screw that. GREATEST STORY OF ALL TIME.

I'm too fangirly right now to give it a proper review, but let me try to channel my flailing and squealing into some sort of coherent paragraph. Ahem.


Rikku is off-the-wall, but she's so wise and deep. Everything she says is spot-on perfect - all energy and moxie and brains - she's happy, really happy, even though she can see and understand and feel all the pain in Spira. And Auron - wow. Auron's transformation is so realistic, so smooth. There's nothing forced about his change. He plods toward it with typical Auron determination, and when he reaches it - Wow. Wow wow wow.

TSoHH was a huge influence on my writing, and it also indirectly introduced me to Final Fantasy VII. Through Gabi-hime (which is her pen name over at FF.net), I discovered Guardian1, who wrote "Tastes Like Green," my favorite Yuffie-centric story. I've based my interpretations of Rikku and Yuffie almost completely on these two authors.


...Gonna go read the whole thing through again.
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OH FUCK YEAH. Looks like I have to save up for a PSP: Jecht's a playable character in Dissidia. And holy crap he looks awesome.

Seriously, Jecht is the ultimate in awesome. It started with a typical fangirl appreciation, but when I started role-playing as him at [livejournal.com profile] ff_crisis, I began to have a greater respect for his character, particularly his transformation during Braska's pilgrimage.

My take of Jecht:

After a unprecedented successful and god-like fame and recognition, Jecht has to learn to live on a small scale; a wife takes the place of thousands of fans, a son takes the place of a team. Tidus naturally resents Jecht's power - classic case of Oedipus syndrome - and Jecht can't get out from his own shadow.

And maybe he doesn't want to. Why exchange thousands of adoring fans for one weak, little wife? How is one whining, cry-baby of a son better than a grateful team? I don't think Jecht tries to be cruel, but at this point in his life, he's too self-centered, too blinded by his own ego to see, really see, what should be important. In my own version of Jecht's history, his wife takes an even smaller role (my reasoning is this: Jecht doesn't even mention her name once during FFX, so how important to him can see be? Tidus is who he thinks of, Tidus is who he's trying to get back home to), and actually only feeds his selfishness. Maybe he married her after she became pregnant and not because he loved her. Maybe other than their child, they have no bond to share. Maybe she loves him like his fans love him: a shallow admiration of purely external traits. Maybe that's why he continues on being obnoxious and narcissistic, because he doesn't have any reason to change his ways. I'm not blaming here, not at all - I'm just proposing a theory that Jecht is allowed - even encouraged - to be egotistical by a society that rationalizes - even rewards - typical celebrity behavior.

Anyway, when he touches Sin, sin touches back. He's marked - marred even - permanently that day. When he arrives in Spira, he's a broken man. And being shunned, being ostracized is a shattering experience for him. He drinks, which worsens the problems. Sin haunts him, so he drinks; in a stupor he's protected from Sin's nightmares.

Ooh Jecht. So totally awesome.
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Title: Diving for Pearls (part 1)
Setting: Sometime during the pilgrimage
Themes: 33) Exploration, 34) Fumbling/clumsy, 49) Sphere(s)
Pairing: Auron/Rikku
Warnings: Nope
Summary: Rikku goes treasure hunting and just when she gets the find of the century, a certain totally mean, totally dumb someone lays claim to it. Split into two parts because of its length - Rikku's dialog was a blast to write, so I let her blabber away unfettered.

In which our beloved heroine comes, sees, and conquers, and then gets totally pwn't. )


Apr. 6th, 2007 09:11 pm
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Bigger than the stadium, bigger than the city - the monster is a world in itself: its massive body blots the sun (is the sun and the sky and the water) and the air - air air air - he swallows mouthfuls of water the slice apart his lungs, water water water everywhere that is acid that burns and burns and burns and -

Jecht throws himself forward and hits the cold floor with a thump that shakes the room. A fish on the bottom of a boat, Jecht tosses his long limbs and cracks his spine on the tile. Auron and Braska slumber on, there's no need to stand guard this far into Zanarkand's temple; Braska's staff is still clenched tightly in his fist, although he is relaxed and sprawled like a pleased cat over Auron's shoulder. They finished off Auron's sake while Jecht played the martyr and thirsted in silence.

He sits up with a shake that was more like tremor than a shiver, and wishes again for a taste of the liquid. He blows out an irritated sigh to prove to the pyre flies that the nightmares are absolutely meaningless to him, thankyouverymuch, and then sinks back down to the floor and pulls his faded bandanna over his eyes. Through the cloth he can still see the damn things hovering and generally being annoying, and he hates how Spira's full of the bastards, and he hates how Spira has more remnants of the dead then it does living people.

Zanarkand - his Zanarkand - was - is - full to the gills with real live humans with real live, pulsing bodies, but that world is gone, and Tidus with it. There's no path back home - Spira is a spiral that leads to death everytime.

Death and destruction and the monster that gets bigger and stronger with each step that Jecht takes. Jecht's caught again, he can't escape the pull toward the day he drowned in Spira's ocean, the beast of Sin dragging him to the darkness.
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One-liners, a la [livejournal.com profile] buttonsandblows.

Jecht's even less dressed than usual and is currently dancing an awful jig around the campfire; Auron closes his eyes again and wishes to hell that it's all some sort of terrible nightmare, but he's never had that kind of luck.

"Ally-oop," Jecht lifts her up onto his broad shoulders and Rikku finally gets the satisifaction of being the tallest in the crowd; she taps her heels happily on his chest and tries not to drip too much ice cream into his hair.

Auron's fingers write the symbols of her name across her bare back and Yuffie shivers and wiggles and finally realizes that having a personal samurai isn't all bad.

It's goddamn annoying and admiting it tastes like stale, warm beer in his mouth, but Cid finally growls out the words that Rikku's been dying to hear: "The design worked, kid; the fucking thing flew."

Rikku dances and shakes her tush and pops the cork on the cheap bottle of champagne she'd been storing in the back of her fridge for months; later, when even Cid is happy that she won the contest, Rikku feels like she's flying in her airship, even though her feet are firm (or mostly firm, at least) on the ground.

Malon's long hair is getting rough at the edges; it's been at least a year since it's last been cut, but she's still not sure she trusts Ganondorf with a blade at her neck.

The dry air is knives in her lungs and her heart wrenches painful thumps in her chest, but the sword clenched in her bloody hand remains unwavering until Ganondorf claps his approval and she allows herself to sink to the stained ground.
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"Do you know how fucking annoying it is to have a samurai following you around everywhere?"

Vincent stared contemplatively at the girl dangling in front of him.. She crossed her arms across her chest glared, but the effect was lost - hanging upside was making her face turn an unsightly shade of crimson. The rope twisted and she turned slightly in the breeze. He followed her line of vision to his second captive. "Him, I imagine?"

"Yes fucking him. Hey, will you let me down now?"

Vincent ignored her and instead inspected the various knots in the rope that held her above the ground. All secure. Satisified that he could investigate his second victim safely, he turned his back on the girl, who was now swaying like a pendulum due to her efforts to escape.

"It's really goddamn annoying!" She yelled after him, in case he was wondering. "Like having crabs, only over your entire body! Crabs that have a personel vendetta against anything not lame!"

The samurai glowered, but thankfully was silent, unlike his companion who was now shrieking out insults in alphabetical order. It had been pure misfortune that his two traps had been sprung on innocent bystanders, but Vincent was still vaguely interested in the pair, despite their lack of monitary value. He hadn't recognized the symbol on the girl's bandanna, and a quick glance at her guardian told him nothing, other than the prisoner shared a similar sense of fashion with Vincent: the samurai was dressed in a red, kimono-style coat with black pants and shirt. His katana had been shoved behind him by the ropes that now encircled his arms and chest; Vincent bent down to pull it free. An inscription on the blade might--

The blow sent him to his knees and then completely to the ground. "Two birds with one stone!" A voice said smugly before the world went black.
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Title: What's Mine Is Ours
Setting: Sometime during the pilgrimage
Themes: 89) Lazy days, 50) In the middle, 75) Sunshine and daisies
Pairing: Auron/Rikku
Rating: K+
Warnings: Nope
Summary: Voyeurism leads to interesting conversation. Ending is sort of meh, but I got sick of seeing it unfinished. XP

Title comes from "Doesn't Remind Me" by Audioslave.

What's Mine is Ours )
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One-liners, a la [livejournal.com profile] buttonsandblows.

It takes forever, but Rikku finally convinces Yuna and Paine to accompany her to the tattoo artist that Brother recommended - they hold hands and grin through the pain and pray that there aren't any spelling mistakes.

Auron stands on the mountain summit, trailing behind the rest of the party to pause and grimace and grasp his chest to prevent the pyre flies that threaten spill free; he clenches and curses and prays until he regains control and maintains his hold on his life.

They spend each night making long lists (funny words for "penis," red: awesome or awesomely awesome?, best pick-up lines to use on old dead guys), each day tring to out-steal the other, each meal combining forces to drive Cid off the deep end; finding a doppelganger from another world is the best thing ever, and they pinky swear that they'll stay sort-of-sisters forever.

Yuffie and Rikku are gunpowder and a match, and it's all that Cid can do to keep them from blowing up the town; if this is his punishment for his youthful indisgressions, he'd like to actually be dead first, but with his luck, he's going to live another sixty years as their babysitter (unless they kill him first [please let them kill him first!]).
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"See, this lines means that you're going to live for a really long time. And that's a good thing. You'll be around forever, annoying the hell out of Yunie. And this one says that you'll have ear hair so long that you'll have to braid it and wrap it around your head. But that's ok, since this line says you'll be bald by the time you're thirty. So you can use your ear hair to cover up your naked scalp. Hey, stop squirming! You want me to read your palm or not?"

Tidus sighed and obligingly uncurled his fingers. "This whole thins a load of bull," he grumbled down at Rikku. "A hundred gil says you're just making this up as you go along."

"Would I lie to you?" Rikku asked, managing to keep her face free of any hint of duplicity. Before Tidus could answer, she ducked her head down again and poked at one of Tidus' calluses and nodded seriously as she pondered the meaning of the hardened skin. "Just because you can't understand the dark and mysterious and awesome arts of the Al Bhed doesn't mean that they don't exist. Besides, you only gave me ten gil and a lame-o power sphere. If you wanted my super-duper-extreme fortune, you have to cough up at least another fifty gil and maybe even toss in that ability sphere you got yesterday. Don't you want to know the secrets that destiny have in store for you?"

"So far you've told me that I may or may not fall off a cliff, that I'm going to meet a tall, dark, and handsome stranger who may be Auron, and if it is, then he's not a stranger, that I'm going to have a long life of pissing off Yuna, and I'll have ear hair."

"And you'll be bald," Rikku reminded him helpfully.

"Wow, thanks ever so much," Tidus deadpanned. "How did I ever survive this long without your helpful insights?"

"Pure, dumb luck!" She said with a grin. "


Jan. 14th, 2007 03:05 pm
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Ludibrium - toy, plaything; object of derision, butt of ridicule; frivolous behavoir; sham, pretense. AKA, writing Rikku like Yuffie in "Tastes Like Green."

Jecht's grave is on the left and Braska's grave is on the right and there in the middle is the stupid, crumby shack that the Legendary Guardian has turned into his own mausoleum. Stupid stupid stupid - Rikku's mantra is an everlasting river in her mind and she kicks loose stones to the beat of the words - stupid stupid stupid.

She makes three full circles - leaving and returning and leaving and returning again - her indecision spinning her around. Finally she curses (in Spiran and in Al Bhed because she needs as many words as she can possibly get) and she marches forward, down the path and past the graves and pushes open the door without knocking.

He looks at her with mild disinterest (which is infuriating since any thought of him inspires within her unyielding passion) and slowly sets the mug in his hand on his table. And thne he waits for her to speak (he's always waiting, waiting, waiting).

"I'm seventeen," she announces the accomplishment in a voice more suited for the stadium at Luca then a small, rickedity cabin in the middle of the woods, "It just happened. My birthday, that is. The other day. The other day was my birthday."

Auron's long fingers slide into his sleeve as he pulls himself into his coat, as if it were armor and she a fiend, and then finally he looks toward her (but not at, he's found something more interesting to stare at and it exists somewhere over her shoulder). "I heard," he says (which isn't half as good as "I remembered" or "I should have been there" or "I have a present for you"). And he doesn't say anything else, which is terrible because that leaves Rikku to to carry the conversation, and all those words that she controlled before have left her.

And for a while she thinks of all the witty and charming things that she never learned how to say, but the train of thought collapses because she's never been good at being demure or subtle, and the proofs in her stupid bikini which she wears as protection against childhood. "I'm an adult," she tells her bikini and him, and it's probably a lie, because she still feels like she's stuck in her awkward fifteen-body, with knobby scabby knees and pointing elbows and little-boy chest. Things have changed (she can hold her breath longer than she could two years prior and she beat Brother in a speeder race without even trying and she's had an almost-kiss with Gippal, and that's gotta count for something), but apparently, things haven't changed enough, because Auron's still looking at a spot floating behind her somewhere and isn't at all admiring her maturity.

"Not yet," he replies with a twist of the lips which is the best smile she can get from him. And finally finally he looks at her and Rikku wastes the opportunity by quickly pointing her own eyes at the ground and at her feet and notices the cuts on her ankles and she's so stupid stupid stupid like a child still and he's right, as usual.

"An adult," someone corrects him, and it takes her an extra moment to realize that it was her because usually her tongue's to heavy and her sentences are too flimsy to speak. "At least, almost. I'm getting there." And then she grins; she's gotten her foothold at last. She leans against the wall (he never offered her a seat) and returns his stare, holding it as long as she can manage.

"What do you want?"

She tugs at one of her braids (which she had Lulu do for her in hopes that some of the other woman's strength and sophistication and general awesomeness would somehow be passed down to her through osmosis or something) and swallows to contain her answer of: you, you, you, you, you naked. "We're going on another adventure, me and Yunie and Paine who you haven't met and I think you'd get along great because you'd both never talk and you have swords. We're going to find Tidus I think, I hope. Lulu and Wakka are out of the running since she's all pregnant and he might as well be, too, because all he does is sit around and worry. And Kilmahri's busy on his mountain doing a lot of stuff that I'm not allowed to see because of tradition and stupid lame-itudes like that which I thought we'd gotten rid of." She's said a lot, but she hasn't really said anything, and she hates when she does that. "And so, you're invited," she finishes, at long last.

He shifts slightly, rolling his shoulders because stretching out wounded muscles is more important than answering her. And he waits a bit before answering (always, always waiting), and when he finally does, it's the same stupid thing he said two years ago when they had won and evil rued the day it had met them and all the world was celebrating except him, "Spira's future belongs in the hands of the living."

And that's not the answer she wanted, but it is what she expected. She had practiced her response for days, marching around with a dictionary and a thesaurus to get the whole thing right, but her articulation slips away, water through her fingers, and she feels the heat of anger rather than cool rationality beating her heart.
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Title: Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
Setting: During the pilgrimage
Themes: 6 Faith, 37 Fascination
Pairing: Auron/Rikku
Rating: K
Warnings: None
Summary: Just a little drabble from Rikku's point of view. Title comes from a Jack Johnson song.

There's Yunie, all pretty and sweet with a smile on her face as we stroll toward her death. There's Lulu, with more boobs and power than I'll ever even hope to have. And there's Wakka trailing after her, trying his best to pick up the crumbs that she drops his way. And there's Kilmahri, wondering if we'd taste good with a side of potatoes. And there's Tidus, skipping merrily along since he's yet to discover the secret that the rest of us have been hauling along. A pilgrimage, Tidus, think about that for a minute. Even I know about what we're really doing, and I'm a heathen Al Bhed.

And there's Auron, who should be leading us, but instead is trailing at the end of our parade. I'm mad at them all for doing this so willingly, but I'm mad the most at him. Stoic bastard, he is, pushing us forward toward Zanarkand no matter how much I protest.

I keep waiting for the moment where he throws open his coat with a grand motion and an "A-ha!" and then proceeds to save Yunie and whisk us off to a land of rainbows and chocobos and candy and no Yevon. He's got a plan tucked away in one of his big pockets, I just know it. He's Auron, for sand's sake. He's the legendary guardian. Legendary guardian of awesome.

He's just got to. And so I stare at him through the camp fire, and I walk right behind him, taking two steps for every one step of his, and I polish my claws while he sharpens his blade, and I wait and wait and wait for him to share his secrets.
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"You're just like him, you know? Right down to the obsession with red. Isn't there a fashion rule about not wearing red after Chocobo Appreciatation Day? But don't worry about it - you look smashing. Are you sure you're not him in disguise? Or him reincarnated or something? Is your middle name Vincent?"

"I don't have a middle name."

"Sucks to be you! Mine's Danger. Yuffie Danger Kisaragi. Actually, it's Yuffie Danger Awesome-Pants Ninja of Doom Kisaragi." Silence from the peanut gallery. "Ok... moving on. What about your last name? Does it or has it ever had any Vs in it?"

"I don't have a last name."

"What? You're kidding me! No, you don't kid. But that's insane! What happens if you meet another Auron? Do you have to fight to the death over ownership?"

"There are no other Aurons."

"Man, thank gawd. I don't think we're ready for that."

Auron pulled his arms into his sleeves and then folded them (his arms, not the sleeves) across his chest, which Yuffie took to mean that the conversation was over. She'd only known him for about four days, but she'd already learned the subtle nuances that were his moods: silent indifference, silent distaste, and silent acceptance. Behold the soaring variety of emotions! Truly, a rainbow of feelings!

So totally like Vincent.

She traced the dents in Cid's table with her finger. Here were her initials that she had carved to piss off Cid and take his mind off Shera. And here was indent from when Cloud smashed his glass after fighting with Leon about Aeris. That had been a bad day (understatement of the century). Each week that passed saw more bad days than good, it seemed. Nightmares, arguments, lies. They were unraveling - each day took a little more from them. She sighed and looked across at the table at Auron; he had closed his good eye and looked asleep, but she'd wager her right leg that his reflexes were as sharp as ever.

It was reassuring knowledge - Auron would be there, be ready, for whatever life (or death) threw at him. He was a big lump, no questinon about it, but he was a comforting lump. A rock. An anchor. "Hey, Auron? I'm glad you're here, you know?"

Maybe it was all in the delivery, because she didn't think her words were all that earth-shattering, but suddenly Auron looked up at her, his expression so intense that she blushed, in spite of herself, "What?"

He relaxed, the sharpness in his features softening. He chuckled mirthlessly and ran his hand through his spiky hair. "Your similarity is uncanny."

Ah. She tried to pull her lips into a grin. "Don't think I'd look good as a blond." Another lull settled over them and Yuffie found herself studying him again. "You'd look pretty awesome with long hair, though. And then me and Aeris could braid it and put in bows and sparkly barettes and Leon would be totally jealous."

"It was long, once."

Auron, being conversational? Hot damn! She perked up and wiggled in her chair. Cast your line enough times and you're bound to catch a fish. "Really? Bet you looked super studly. Why'd you cut it short?"

"I died."

Oh. She flopped over onto the table and rubbed her chin against the cool wood. If Aeris were around, she'd say something profound that would simoltaniously be sad and uplifting, and Auron would look up with tears in his eyes and than throw himself at her, sobbing her name, and Aeris would smile softly and a beam of light would shine down on them from the sky. But all Auron had for a companion was a short ninja with scraped knees and a shirt stained with blood, sweat, tears, and breakfast. "Just the opposite of Vinnie, then," she said at last, unable to find the words that would have come so easily to Aeris. "He had it short when he was alive, and then grew it out after he died. Crazy."


"So I guess that means that you're not exactly the same as him. But that's ok, I still like ya."

"What a relief."

Yuffie gaped at him for a moment, and then slapped her hands down onto the table as she shook with laughter. "So you do have a sense of humor," she mused with a grin, "A puny, little one, but we can work on it. You know what? You're all right."

Auron pulled his arms back into his sleeves and folded them again (still the arms, not his sleeves) across his chest. But Yuffie swore that before he slouched down into his coat and hid his face in his collar, she saw a smile.
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Title: Excuse Me, but Your Flank is Open
Setting: AU
Themes: 87 Bad temper
Pairing: Auron/Rikku
Rating: K
Warnings: None
Summary: Rikku can to fight with a sword, dammit!

"I'm not holding it all wrong! You're just jealous that I found a better way to fight!" Rikku swings the massive sword around and rests it on her shoulder, the triumphant look in her eyes daring him to argue. "See? Just because I'm not a massive hunk of unsocialable nastitude doesn't mean that I can't kick ass with a sword."

"You've left yourself vulnerable on your right side," he points out with obnoxious accuracy and annoying superiority. "And since you don't wear heavy armor, you can't afford to leave your flank open."

"Most guys like my outfit," she snaps back, deliberately missing the point. She sniffs and brushes some invisible dust off the top of her bikini. "Besides, I'm not gonna just stand around and let someone get a cheap shot in." She meets his glare with one of her own and flips her hair in a display of pertinence.

"Your speed is severely limited," he replies with another damn undeniable observation. Poor, long-suffering, Auron the martyr, trying to knock some sense into the unteachable generation. Rikku huffs an angry breath and taps the sword against her shoulder in a familiar motion that surprises and unsettles him. He brushes his hair back and sighs before pushing himself off the bench to approach her. Rikku stands motionless, her green eyes flashing. He ignores her fury and walks around her, appraising her stance with maddening coolness.

Rikku fumes silently. Her attempt to impress him has failed miserably and it's all his fault. She might not be as strong as Tidus or as efficient as Paine, but she can hold her own in a sword fight - ask anyone! But now, facing his scornful indifference, she feels like a fifteen-year-old again, all knobbly kneed and ignorant. "Well?" She says at last as he rubs his chin casually.

"You're not a knight," he says at last, his voice gruff. He turns away, his crimson jacket fluttering behind him, and waves his hand dismissively. "You're handicapping yourself unnecessarily."

Rikku stamps her foot on the pavement. "And you're acting like a jerk unnecessarily!" She shrieks at his back. If only she had a grenade... Instead, Rikku throws her sword into the rack; the resulting clash is satisfyingly loud. She spins to face him and jabs a finger in his direction. "You just don't want to admit how awesome I am."

She storms past him, her long hair swinging wildly as she stomps away.

Auron sinks back onto the bench. She's partially right, he admits to himself grudgingly, he doesn't want to admit how developed she is.
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There was only one drawback to dating Tidus - his father. Of course, Jecht was nothing but polite to her, saving his more rambunctious comments for Rikku or Wakka, but Yuna couldn't help but feel uncomfortable in his presence, even with Tidus at her side. Jecht was, well, too much Jecht for her.

She fidgeted in her seat and stared so hard at the tiny figure on the playing field that her eyes watered. Tidus' skill at blitzball had made him the star player, and of course she went to all his games, and of course his father had to attend as well. It was only natural. And it simply didn't make sense for them to sit at different ends of the stadium, thus here they were, elbows occasionally bumping and knees occasionally knocking. Not that Jecht noticed - he was enthralled by his son's performance, too busy switching between shouted curses and advice to pay any attention to her discomfort.

And she perfered it that way, honestly. While he shook his fist at whatever was upsetting him currently, Yuna could catch her breath and prepare herself for when he did turn his attention onto her. "Damn fine play!" He exclaimed at her with a grin. "Taught him that myself."

Yuna nodded and smiled weakly and pushed herself to the far corner of her seat, away from his broad shoulders and large hands. Jecht grinned again and lowered his face down until his lips were practically brushing her ear, "Don't tell 'im, but I do it better."

She blushed furiously and stammered something inane and Jecht roared with laughter before turning back to the game.
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At least they weren't like some couples - weren't as bad as some people were. You know the type: creating cutsie names for each other (love ya, funny-bunny-honey!), constantly engaging in public displays of affection, dressing the same, making kissy-kissy faces at each other... Basically, pulling crap that makes us regular people contemplate suicide. Or homicide.

But then again, maybe it would have been easy if they had been like that. At least then I'd have a reasonable excuse for avoiding their presence, constantly complaining to a quickly growing apathetic Aeris, or doing poor imitations of them behind their backs.

This may come as a shock, but I'm not perfect. I try to be the best damn ninja princess I can, but it was becoming harder and harder to plaster a smile on my face, to participate in normal conversation, to restrain myself from flipping the kitchen table and splattering their breakfasts all over them.

It wasn't fair, play and simple. She was practically my sister, which meant that we were practically the same person, which meant that we had to share practically everything. If my day sucked, her day had to suck, too. When I was sad, she should be sad.

And that's how it had been. She was stuck in her itty-bitty fairy body, and she wasn't sure if he'd accept her, and she worried that he still thought she was a kid, and all her problems were my problems, too.

But now he'd stroke her cheek and she'd ride around on his shoulder and h changed the tone of his voice when he talked to her and she spent her nights with him instead of sitting up and commiserating with me until dawn.

And maybe I would have been fine with it, would have even been happy for her, if a damn, squiriming, worm of a feeling weren't flopping around in my brain: Vincent wouldn't love me the way that Auron loved Rikku. It was fine and dandy for me to dream about the day that we went back to our world, and I made a glorious rescue which resulted in him pledging his undying love to me before sweeping me off my feet to make mad, passionate love in a castle overlooking the sea at sunset. I could fantasize all I wanted, Vincent had made his decision years before, his heart, or what was left of it, couldn't be stolen, not even by me. He probably regreted all the kisses we had shared, all whopping three of them. He was probably happier being lost in in the swirling darkness that had conquered our planet; he could lie in peace and mourn that goddamned Lucrecia for all eternity.

Auron, with his black hair and red coat and past scarred with regrets. Rikku, a thief from the outskirts of society with a crazy father, who joins a bunch of crazy bastards as they march toward certain doom, who shouldn't be trusted and betrays her friends, but redeems herself later, and is too young and too immature and too flat-chested, but still falls in love with a dead guy who's too old and too grouchy and too busy being dead and grouchy to let her love him and and and...

But Rikku won. And I guess that's what separates us.


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