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Name:a jar of jae
Birthdate:Dec 18
Location:New York, United States of America

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Dear Sir or Madam,
Will you read my book? It took me years to write - Will you take a look?

12/29/14: Welcome to my DW! To be brief, I'm female, a fan, a feminist, a reader, a writer, a walrus, a New Yorker, a nerd, annoyingly inarticulate. This journal has drabbles, my thoughts on fandom, my thoughts on writing, and bits of my various adventures. I'm working toward my MLIS, so reports of how grad school is kicking my ass will pop up from time to time.

things i'm currently shitting bricks about

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3:10 to yuma, abbey road, adjective!name, alas! ear wax!, alternative universes, amazons, anders, angels, ao3, assassins, avatar: the last airbender, being a dame, ben wade, bounty hunters, buttsecks, cartography, casablanca, castles, catherynne m. valente, chocobos, coraline, cowboys, crushes on fictional characters, cthulhu, daisukexken, david duchovny's master's thesis, desert eagle .50, digimon, double entendres, dragon age, dragons, egyptian vampires, fanfiction, feminism, final fantasy vii, final fantasy x, ganondorfxmalon, getting married in video games, gladiators, gothic literature, great googily moogily, greek mythology, grumpy old samurai, gryphons, hamlet, hard-boiled detectives, hark! a vagrant, harry potter, i want to be a paperback writer, japanese umbrellas, john/paul, latin, lawyercest, legend of zelda, legendary birds, mad max, maximus decimus meridius, mazes, melceys, motomiya daisuke, mystery science theater 3000, nanowrimo, ninjas, nuxcapable, original harry potter characters, original sailor moon senshi, original star wars characters, overusing parentheses, pretending to be a dinosaur, priestesses, reading fanfiction at work, reading in the tub, restoration english poetry, romance novels, ruins, sawanoguchi sae, screwed up relationships, singing in the car, singing in the shower, skyrim, slash, slitxtoast, spaghetti westerns, sphinxes, spirited away, star wars: the old republic, steampunk, swearing a lot, swords, taking over the world, tarot cards, tattoos, tea, temples, the beatles, the elder scrolls, the long eighteenth century, the old west, the oxford english dictionary, vintage clothing, why's the rum gone?, worldbuilding, writer's block, writing, yuffentine, yuffiexvincent
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