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I need to stop making alts.

In my headcanon, my SWTOR characters cross paths and form relationships with each other: Agent Asjary was at the same Academy with Quinn and competed with him to be the star pupil which resulted in some glorious hate sex; when they run into each other, she needles him unrelentlessly about being a Sith's lap dog and he mocks her low military rank. Warrior Kezmir hates that someone else has touched her property and is convinced that Vector is just a Quinn fill-in. Vector likes everyone.

Bounty Hunter Torv went to the Academy too, but got booted out early do to discipline issues. He has a crush on every boy - Lohkin, Vector, Quinn, Revel... - and has a habit of running into Trooper Ethrens, who keeps trying to get him to defect to the Republic so they can get married. Ethrens' older sister is a smuggler who does a lot of unsavory deals with the Empire; Cirawel had business with Asjary once, not realizing Az was an Imp spy. Not that Cirawel would have cared. She had a drunken fling with Kaliyo that left some scars and knows of Mako, but she's secretly glad that she doesn't have to work with either of them since they'd both upstage her. She's slowly becoming more loyal to the Republic under the influence of her crew.

Jedi Consular Sade keeps getting tangled in diplomatic issues that Vector is somehow always a part of, and she's convinced that Asjary is an assassin sent to destroy her/the Council. Az doesn't give a shit about Sade, though she has a passing interest in what Iresso has locked up in his head. They crash into each other as they're both escaping from some prison or something, and Sade's like, "you'll never get me, imperial" and Az is like, "brb loling forever."

Kezmir's run into Sade, too, and wants to crush her bones into a fine paste and spread it on crackers. Which is how she feels about most people, though, so Sade doesn't take it personally. Kezmir also wants to destroy Sade's padawan, but mostly out of jealousy because she doesn't have her own apprentice yet.
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