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Title: Marked
Author: [livejournal.com profile] verdictlesslife
Characters: Ben and Dan
Summary: Inspired by [livejournal.com profile] baggyeyes awesome "Artist"
Warnings: Non-graphic smex
A/N: For porn_battle over at IJ.

3:10 to Yuma, Ben Wade/Dan Evans, marked )
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More of this drabble. Cross-posted from my IJ.


There were voices, fluttering like moths in the dark, and Ben held his breath and strained his ears to give names to the speakers, to decide how best to silence them. They quieted as they dispersed; stupid bastards couldn't find a mountain if they were standing on top of one. "The careless ease of fools shall destroy them," he recited through his smirk.

Another patrol might come around - provided not all of Big Jacob's gang were empty-headed asses - but they had a minute to breath. He crouched down and slid his hand under Dan's jacket, assessing the damage. There was a puddle next to the bumps of Dan's spine, and the rancher hissed and shrugged when Ben pressed his fingers against the wet cloth. "No good," he said, flattening his palm against the wound. "Bullet came out all right, but you're bleedin' like pig."

"No shit." Dan leaned against the side of the barn as he stood. It took him a second to steady himself, but when he spoke again, his voice was firm. "Gimme my gun. I'll be fine."

"No." Ben's hand went to the stolen revolver shoved under his belt. "The horses are tied to the post 'round the corner. Get 'em and head back; I'll take care of this. Meet you at the river when I'm done."
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He came back later, after the campfire had grown to a comfortable orange; Dan heard the song before the clop of the mare's hooves. "Lost one," he said, then dropped something bloody at Dan's boots. "Got the coyote."

Dan hefted the carcass into the air, inspecting it as Wade dismounted and tied his horse next to Dan's. "You sure it only got one?"

Wade crouched next to him and prodded the coyote's open jaws with his knife. "No. Couldn't see much in the dark. But I reckon it was just one. Skinny thing, probably wouldn't have made it to Kansas anyway."

"Shit. That's fifty." Dan frowned and squinted, then rubbed at the ache in his forehead. "At least."

"Yup." Wade stood up suddenly and grabbed the coyote, swinging the long tan body up onto his shoulder, and then grinned down at Dan. "Hungry?"
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"Gotta sing like you mean it, Dan." Wade turned his horse away, back to the herd, but over the low of the cattle, Dan heard the pieces of some lullaby.
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There was an ocean of silence as they paused to reloaded; in the hollow quiet, Ben heard a rough whisper of instructions - They were splitting up, trying to surround him. Fools, he thought gratefully. Be easy to pick them off one by one, now, 'stead of trying to just break their wall of flesh.

The lanterns that had been spilling ineffective whiteness into the smoky storeroom swung and then disappeared as the posse separated. He counted five running east, three west; Big Jacob still stood in the door, a goddamn Goliath. Probably another one or two circling their boss, even if Ben couldn't see them. He lowered himself carefully down the mountain of boxes he'd been using as a perch, moving his boots carefully down the wood-dusty slope until he'd reach Dan's side.

"Now's our chance," he grabbed Dan under the arms and hoisted him to his feet, not bothering to explain or inquire. The rancher grunted and his sharp fingers dug into Ben's arm, staining his coat rusty red. Once Dan had propped himself up, Ben searched around his waist, took Dan's revolver. "Promise I'll give it back."

Dan shoved away Ben's hands and leaned heavily on his rifle. "Won't need it. We can get out - Here, boards are rotted. Don't even need to break 'em, just push 'em. Quietly."

He couldn't see, but Ben dropped to his knees and ran his hands over the wood wall, feeling for weakness. Two against three - at least - were odds he didn't trust, not with Dan re-painting the damn room with his blood. A test proved Dan right - The boards crackled and splinted an dropped away. They could snake through, bellies to the dust, and he could back 'round, shoot that fucker Jacob right in his cowardly back.

"Gotta hurry," he said over his shoulder. "They split up to search. Gotta get out before they reach back here."

Dan's hand clasped Ben's shoulder hard as he lowered himself to the ground. He grunted again and there was a sound of splattering, but he hurried, pushing Ben aside as he wiggled between the panels. Ben followed, sliding on the blood out onto the dirt.


Feb. 29th, 2008 10:32 am
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Title: Face Down
Author: [livejournal.com profile] verdictlesslife
Word count: 374
Characters: Ben and Dan
Summary: Buttsecks!
Warnings: ...Buttsecks!
A/N: For porn_battle at IJ.

Face Down )
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Title: Lock the Doors and Close the Blinds
Author: [livejournal.com profile] verdictlesslife
Rating: NC-17, but not an extreme NC-17, if that makes any sense
Word count: 998
Characters: Ben and Dan
Summary: Veni, vidi, vici - But maybe not in that order
Warnings: Ben and Dan fooling around in bed
A/N: This was attempt #2 for Porn Battle at IJ, but I didn't finish it in time. Finally sat my big butt down and worked on it this past weekend. Hope you like it! The title I stole from "I Can't Decide" by the amazing Scissor Sisters, which is a total Ben/Dan song. I wanted to call it "Fuck and Kiss You Both at the Same Time," since that line's great, but I decided on something less explicit. Yay, I guess.

It's not easy having yourself a good time. )
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Title: Untitled
Author: [livejournal.com profile] verdictlesslife
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 626
Characters: Ben and Dan
Summary: Dan learns to feel again.
Warnings: Buttsex!
A/N: Wrote this for Porn Battle at IJ. The challenge was "Ben/Dan, responsibility and not," and I kinda failed to stick to it, but hey, cowboys having sex is hot, so I decided to post it anyway.

Bring on the pron! )


Nov. 9th, 2007 01:12 pm
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"I think we should take a break."

If Butterfield or McElroy had said that, they'd already be dismounting, but Doc had been the one to break the aching silence between them all, and Dan and the rest of them turn to look at him - All but Wade, who was staring across te desert. Dan pulled up beside him and followed his gaze, but he didn't see shit - No horses, no posse, nothing but sand, sand, rocks, and from-hunger trees.

"We've been riding for a while," Doc added, almost apologetically, and he turned to look at Wade, too, before appealing to Dan with an apologetic smile. "Right, Evans?"

"We should keep moving." McElroy answered before Dan could. "We ain't got time to-"

"A short break should be fine." Butterfield interrupted. He slowed his horse and dismounted, and McElroy grunted and spat into the dirt. Butterfield's lip curled in disgust, but he had won, so he let McElroy sulk away. "Evans, can you handle Wade?"

"Actually," Doc piped up again, "Actually, I'd like to examine him. If it's all right, of course."

"I'd be happy to indulge your curiosity, Doc."

Doc had probably directed the question toward Butterfield, but Wade finally decided to bless them all with his attention, and TOOK OVER the conversation with a crooked grin. Most of the swelling had gone down, and although he still had blood caked like war-paint on his cheeks, somehow he wasn't as threatening as he'd been the night before.

Butterfield gaped as Wade dropped from his horse. He tossed his reins to Dan, who caught them without thinking and then frowned at himself for doing so, and sauntered to a rock next to Doc. There he sat, legs crossed, still smiling like they were in a tea parlor.

"Dan, keep on eye on them."

Dan nodded as Butterfield turned away - Even wounded as he was, Wade was still a threat, and Doc didn't stand a chance if the outlaw's good mood faded. He carefully dismounted, watching Wade as he stepped from the saddle. Wade's focus was on Butterfield's back, but his eyes flicked to Dan's face

But McElroy was right - Wade was even more dangerous now than the night before.
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The sky's the ocean in Kansas: blue that stretches into endlessness.
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Women, men, everyone is the same. They all have their buckling points. The game is in wagering how much weight it takes to drop them to the ground, to have them kneeling before him.

Dan's price is high - steeper than anyone's (woman, man) - but he still has a price. And it's only a matter of time before Ben has him on his knees.
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The gunfire and the screams outside are a wild symphony, and Ben's boots climbing the ladder rungs tap out the beat for Dan to follow. Going to die going to going to going going sings Dan's heart, but he swallows hard to shove it back into his chest and ignores the warning. Ben twists around and looks down at him, and Dan slings the gun unto his shoulder and away from Ben (outlaw, thief, murderer, savior) and grips the wood bars in sweaty, sandy hands to climb up after and into the light.


The ladder will take them unto the roof - faster, safer on top of it all, farther away from desperate Charlie and his mad gang (Charlie's gang, not his anymore - separate like fire and water and sky above; Ben's sick of playing their father) - and the first rung is worn smooth, silk under Ben's bloody hands. A ladder - their ladder - set up on the earth, and the top of it reaches to heaven. Almost over. He turns and Dan's stands gasping behind him, and before his scrambled brain untangles itself, he reaches, those bloody fingers curling around Dan's damp neck, throat, to kiss him. The cuffs clink and ring and swing, and Dan doesn't resist him anymore, will follow him anywhere now, even though its only been a few heartbeats since Ben was on top of him, crushing his life out. Dan looses his grip and gun slides and clatters against the ladder's faded legs, his hands claw into Ben's arms to hold on, because the last minute is approaching like a steam engine and he needs to hang onto to something. He's being tugged upward, up, up, up higher than the rooftops, a puppet on a string. Ben moves away and his grin is crooked and his lips are red, and then he leads the way into the blinding sunlight.


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