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Charade became a courier before she could read. She excelled at it - not because a child couldn't have secrets, but because she couldn't be coerced into divulging them. Mara had always called her a stubborn child, a superlative her mother had always said like a compliment and not a criticism. Charade was stubborn and was good at dodging, at denying, and at flat-out lying. By the time she was twelve she had a reputation in the darkness of Val Royeaux's back alleys. L'ombre, they called her. Shadow.

Charade kept secrets, hoarding them like the nobles did gold. And she didn't need one of the ornate masks that the upperclass wore to hide her face. Hardly anyone noticed a thin, street-dusty girl anyway, and with her quickness they didn't have to see more than a flicker of cloth before she turned a corner.

As she learned to decipher the thin loops and swirls of the written word, she sometimes opened letters. Only the poorly sealed ones, those she could close up again without the recipient knowing. it didn't take long for her to realize that were really only three types of letters: I love you, I hate you, I'll kill you. Variations, of course, or funny combinations. She liked to imagine what happened after they were read, if the words ever came true. After dropping off a particularly amusing one, Charade bought an only somewhat bruised apple from her earnings and sat on a nearby staircase and decided that she'd never be mad over anyone like that. Never ever.

Letters didn't get delivered directly to the target, but to sympathetic butlers and maids in on the conspiracy. Charade never entered through the front doors, and instead slipped into kitchens or cellars like the servants. As she grew older, she spent more time with the kitchen girls and serving boys, flirting for gifts of wine and pastries with cream so light it seemed to float off the dough. She brought these gains back to her mother, who never asked where or how.

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Apr. 26th, 2011 08:56 pm
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Memories came and slipped away like dreams.

Like pyreflies. That word stirred others - pilgrimage, which dragged with it Sin. The staff in her hand was one of a summoner. And that was her of course, a simple fact that shouldn't have made her want to weep. She couldn't remember what she had been doing, where in Spira she had last stood, but on the haze shadows of her remembrances were aching feelings of loss tangled with the thrill of triumph, the heady relief of victory.

Laguna and Lightning didn't pry. Watching the other woman's fingers twitch around her sword, Yuna realized that she, too, was searching. Wondering. Laguna was harder to understand, and watching him didn't answer any of her unspoken questions, though it did make her laugh.

Sir Jecht's shadow fell over her first, and when she looked up in surprise, it was into his grinning face. "Yuna-chan!" And then she was picked up, swung up onto his shoulder like she was six again, and he was twenty-nine again, and he was alive again.
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Title: Shadow
Fandom: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Characters: Malon and Ganondorf
Prompt: Black
Word Count: 68
Rating: PG
Summary: A long shadow encompasses Malon.
Author's Notes: Just a drabble to get back into the fandom. Here are my fanfic100 table and website.

Shadow )
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They went like a pair of tourists to the Statue of Liberty, cheesy t-shirts and big sunglasses and everything. Mimi looked great, but she always did, no matter how ridiculous the get up, and Willis relished in the absurdity of his outfit. He asked for directions from some suit in a mixture of Japanese and German, made a giggling Mimi take a picture of them together, and rigorously shook the man's hand for a good minute while gushing praise for native New Yorkers' knowledge of geography.
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Paul's French was better than his, but both their accents were terrible. He followed as much of the ridiculous conversation as he could, adding in his own limited vocabulary when Paul got stuck on conjugating a verb. "Ou est le fromage. Le chien est blanc. Allons enfants de la Patrie. J'aime les petits garcons."

Paul laughed but their waitress pulled a perfect pissed off Frenchie expression and looked pointedly at her pad of paper.

"Je m'appelle Pierre." Paul tried again. "Right? I think that's how you say it."


"Good and French, yeah?"

"I get to be Napoleon then. Je... What's it, again?"

They were completely ignoring her now, heads bent together so he could hear Paul's slow pronunciations.
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They boggled a bit at the Eiffel Tower, even though they'd seen pictures, and Paul rifled through his pockets until he found some coins, but in the end they decided to fuck it and buy wine with the money instead.

Which was fine, because it almost gave him vertigo just staring up at the damned thing. And there were tourists everywhere, including some Yankees taking improbable photos of the sidewalk and the street and shit like that for some reason only evident to their American-addled minds. He and Paul ruined a few of them by popping into the shot at the last second. They were in hysterics about that until some German bird caught on and they had to run helter-skelter through the curving city streets, lest she send some gendarmes after them.

By supper they were drunk and singing. He grabbed Paul in a headlock and rubbed his wine-sticky hands in his hair. Viva la France!
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She fell backward (for a moment she forgot about the floor and expected to keep falling down down down into the abyss), scraping her spine through her sweater on the cabinets that marched in a row along the wall. The gun in her hand shook like it was alive and trying to escape, the muzzle pointing at her face, her heart, her forehead, her throat, her stomach. She had to pull the trigger (had to had to had to) or the slithering black darkness would get her, too.

Her shoes squealed (like a lamb at slaughter) when she pushed herself backward, and the cabinets still there behind her dug into her ribs. The dark hole of the gun's (not a gun, she tried to convince herself, not a gun, not a gun) barrel stared back, a single unblinking eye.
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Ken stretched with a yawn, cat-graceful and lazy, and turned toward Daisuke, who slept on undisturbed by the movement. Even in the dawn's half light, it was infinitely easier to study Daisuke, for once quiet and still, and Ken took advantage of his insomnia to stare unabashedly at the other boy.

In full daylight, he couldn't stare with such intensity. Perhaps the Kaiser could have, but Ken dishonestly denied any connection to his former alter ego. His gaze was different now than the Kaiser's, anyway: curious, appreciative, lingering - not calculating.
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He'd only tuned the first two strings before Taichi grabbed the guitar's neck and pulled it out of his lap. When Taichi strummed it, it unsurprisingly sounded terrible. He wailed some lyrics in English, something about cars and something about seat belts, and then jumped upp and did a hip thrust that was so funny that Yamato laughed himself off the side of the bed.
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She got sand in her hair, under her clothes, in her eyes, and in the oil, but Rikku proved once and for all that she could drive Brother's racer faster and farther than any other Al Bhed. Sure she had to steal it to prove it, but that just meant she was a better thief, too.
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"How about you go fuck yourself?

Rufus made a steeple with his fingers and studied the architecture for a good minute as he considered my suggestion. "I don't think you realize opportunity we've been presented with."

"I don't think you realize that you're a tool. And I mean that in more than one way. Yeah, you're a total douche, but I'm also insinuating that you're being used be a higher power. See what I did there? That was a double entendre."

That got his attention. He cleared his throat and narrowed his eyes at Reno, who'd been bored into a coma and was ignoring our whole conversation. "Yuffie," he said, voice still mild and smile still sharp, "we're talking about convergence on a global scale. A ShinRa-Wutai partnership will revolutionize -"

I jammed my fingers in my ears. "I'm done with this conversation. I was done with it the first time you said 'synergy.' Reno, can you unplug him or something?"

When Rufus shut his mouth, I tentatively lowered my hands. He wasn't smiling anymore, but he didn't look particularly angry either. Those long fingers were folded loosely over his papers, shoulders in a relaxed slope, and his blue eyes thoughtful. "Very well. Then let's bring this meeting to an end."

"Gawd. Yes. Finally."

He slid a folder across the span of his massive desk to me. "The information's inside. I trust you can read well enough to follow the instructions."

I let that weak insult go. "Ok, gimpy. No partner this time, right? I told you I work better alone."

"Two people are required for this job."

"The only two things required for any job are my right fist and my left fist."

"Vincent Valentine."



"You don't say."

"I do indeed."

"Well now," I said as I tucked the folder into my bag. "Maybe that's not such a bad idea. Good job, Roofy! You came up with a decent plan for once!"

Rufus' smile came back, a flash of white between his pink lips. "I expect you to repay me for this favor."

"Yeah, sure, gimpy. I'll get to work on your rocket powered wheelchair tonight."
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Princesses didn't muck out stables. Princesses wore gowns of silk dripping with pearls and tip-toed on velvet rugs; they did not wear boots while stamping through piles of crap and hay. Princess Zelda had a scepter and Malon had a shovel.

Princess Zelda was gone. Dead, probably, said the Gerudo, who shrugged at rumors of a blond-haired hero who had been seen at the border of the Lost Woods. Alive, certainly, said Ganondorf, who disappeared into the bowels of the castle to study. Malon secretly hoped Zelda was alive, because she couldn't imagine a Hyrule without its princess.

She sighed and blew an errant strand of hair out of her eyes and then wiped her sweat-wet face. Boots were more comfortable than high heels, anyway.
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After the house ate itself into nothingness and the eyes cracked open to release their souls and the door clicked closed, there was just a white plane, just a white ghost where her world had been. She tapped her fingers - now five less - and threaded a needle. Her den was just a stretch of blankness - But that was a perfect canvas for her next masterpiece.
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Title: CSI Cowboys
Fandom: 3:10 to Yuma
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nope
Author's note: He's a cowboy, he's an outlaw - Together, they fight crime! For Three Weeks for Dreamwidth

They left the body there. Wade was quiet for once, which Dan appreciated, and it wasn't until they'd made camp that the outlaw finished his reflectings. "You ever hear about the Benders, Dan?"


"The Bloody Benders. From Kansas." When Dan shook his head, Wade continued, his voice low and musing, "It was a family of them. They killed at least twenty people, some say more. Never got caught, even though they sent the army after them."

Daylight was dying and night was taking over. Dan waited, but more of Wade's answer wasn't forthcoming. He resented having to beg for more, knowing that it was exactly what Wade wanted. "So? You saying that this family's running around doing this?"

"No. But maybe these ain't just from some gang."

It was just them and the campfire, the rest of the desert was blackness. "They aren't random killings?"


Dan shook his head, gave a chuckle that he had to force out and Wade made a scoffing noise. "It's not just semantics, Dan."

Dan leaned back on his elbows and studied the outlaw, wondering again what kind of past he'd come from. "Murders, not killings. All right. So that means what?"

"It means that William's in more trouble than I thought."
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Title: untitled
Fandom: Digimon
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nope
Author's note: For Three Weeks for Dreamwidth

Mimi grabbed Sora's hand in her own - warm, soft, with the tips of her pink-painted nails poking and stroking Sora's palm in a way that was getting increasingly difficult for Sora to dismiss as accidental. "Mimi -"

"Hurry up, Sora! You're only here for two weeks - That's barely enough time!"

Sora laughed as the other girl dragged her down the sidewalk. "For what?"

Mimi stopped suddenly and spun to face her. "Everything," she said firmly. The smile that followed made Sora's eye widen.

Just what did everything entail?
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Title: untitled
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nope
Author's note: For Three Weeks for Dreamwidth

Wright had already collapsed on his books and was drooling away on his trial notes. Miles sipped his cooling tea and watched his erst-while adversary nap, looking more like an exhausted college student during finals than an experienced lawyer well-honed by years at court. Research was clearly one of Wright's weak points, though as far as Miles could tell (and as much as he hated to admit it), Wright's clients didn't seem to suffer from it.

He was lucky, extraordinarily so. Unfairly so. Idiotically so.

Still. Miles set the tepid tea down. Still, he was finding it harder to begrudge Wright his requests. Despite the facts that a) they sat on opposite sides of the judicial system and b) Wright fell asleep during Mile's lectures.


Miles adjusted the tea cup on its platter, then stacked his notes into a neat pile. Wright stirred a bit and Miles thought he might have wakened him at last, but Wright just mumbled and shrugged his shoulders, then snored. Miles stretched out his hand and put it gingerly on top of Wright's head, his fingers sinking into the ridiculous spikes which were soft against his skin.

Clearly the night of studying was canceled.

Miles found himself not minding.
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Title: Burning
Setting: AU, after the pilgrimage
Themes: 26) Intoxication, 53) Return(ing), 78) Fire
Pairing: Auron/Rikku
Rating: K
Warnings: Nope
Author's note: Inspired by this icon by iconette. My other stories for [livejournal.com profile] pyre_flies are here.

Burning )
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Title: All Work and No Play
Characters/Pairings: Yuffie
Team: Avalanche
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Series: FFVII: Original Game
Author's Notes: Part one!

All Work and No Play )

Title: Makes Yuffie a Dull Ninja
Characters/Pairings: Yuffie
Team: Avalanche
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Series: FFVII: Original Game
Author's Notes: And part two!

Makes Yuffie a Dull Ninja )
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Title: Winter
Fandom: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Characters: Malon, Ganondorf
Prompt: Winter
Word Count: 400
Rating: PG
Summary: A cold day in Hyrule field
Author's Notes: Can't believe I haven't written any Zelda stories since March! Here are my fanfic100 table and website.

Ganondorf was an easy target: a black spear in the snow-covered meadow. )
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Title: Insides
Fandom: Digimon 02
Character/Pairing: Willis, Mimi
Rating: PG
Summary: Response to fanfic100's Insides
Author's Notes: I'm messing quite a bit with the storyline of Digimon 02. This story, as well as the others for the fanfic100 challenge, will assume that the second half of the season did not occur. Instead, Ken *chose* to be the Kaiser and then *chose* to be redeemed. And only the Chosen Children have digimon, not the entire world. I'm using Willis' American-dub name, rather than Wallace (simply because I like the name Willis more), but I will be using the Japanese names for the other characters. My little table.

Insides )


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