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Fandom: Digimon
Pairing: Motomiya Daisuke/Ichijouji Ken
Theme set: Epsilon
Rating: PG13 for suggestiveness, but there's nothing explicit
Author's Notes: Mild Digimon spoils. Sorry this took so damn long! First I forgot that I claimed this couple, and then once I stopped being a slacker, life whacked me off the side of the head with a big ol' bag of responsibilities. But I'm finally done! Rejoice!

#01 - Motion
They call him The Rocket and the title is the goddamn truth; Daisuke watches from the bleachers and practically salivates as Ichijouji Ken flashes by.

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#21 - Fool
"He stood at the wrong street corner for three hours," Ken explains to his baffled mother as he dragged a drenched and dripping, practically delirious Daisuke into the apartment; Daisuke's knight in shiny armor froze at the bathroom, suddenly paralyzed as his valor retreated -

#22 - Mad
Daisuke crushes a frigid snowball down Ken's shirt (fingers briefly touching the warm, silk skin), and ken retaliates with a full-body take down; the roll down the hill in hysterics, wet and freezing and boiling inside and this is madness (this is love!).

#23 - Child

#24 - Now

#25 - Shadow
He visits later, long after his parents have come, cleaned, and gone, expecting his brother's grave to be abandoned: Daisuke's there, defiantly holding wilted flowers; they stand in the shadow of the tomb until the sun sets and the shadow spreads into night.
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#35 - Sudden
Blood is rushing so quickly through his races that it practically

#36 - Stop
Footsteps on the gravel, heaving breaths pounding a rhythm through the air, cries from the gawkers below, then absolute silence as Motomiya flies through the air and wraps his arms around the Kaiser's waist.

#37 - Time
The sphinx guarding the entrance, Ken stands at his door to hear Daisuke's list, spilt frantically between gasping breaths: he game went into overtime and he couldn't miss the final goal, the bus was delayed and the he got on the wrong one, the newest issue of Action and Sports Manga with the latest episode of Super Prince Baseball Star came out, and so its totally not his fault that he's late and he's super sorry and is there any way he can make up for it?

#38 - Wash
His mother hovered at the bathroom door, but the Kaiser would not be disturbed; he scrubbed at the blood on his pants for hours, until his hands were raw and the water turned icy - out, out damn spot!
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#30 - Ghost
It must be Osamu's spirit that Daisuke sees in the Kaiser; the Ken he knows could never be so cruel.

Daisuke squeezes Ken's cold hands tightly, almost painfully, as if he could exorcise Osamu's spirit through pure force.

#31 - Book
Daisuke's hand inches closer and closer, a ninja sneaking toward his prey; "Daisuke, I'm trying to read," are Ken's last words before he's attacked and defeated.

#32 - Eye
Daisuke grabs the Kaiser's shirt and draws his fist back again as the glasses slide off his opponent's face; a pair of icy violet eyes glare up at him, stunning him effectively as any attack.

#33 - Never
Willis crumples the letter and throws it wrathfully at the trash can, earning an odd look from a puzzled Mimi who glances down again at the photograph: "I think Ken and Dai-chan are sweet together."

#34 - Sing
Ishida's voice slices through the crowd's drone, and his lyrics pierce into Ken's thoughts against his will; for the blond to understand is simply an unbearable insult, but his comprehension is undeniable.
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Damn - I've had this claim since April. Way to slack off, Jae. No cookies for you.

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Fandom: Final Fantasy X
Pairing: Auron/Rikku
Theme set: Alpha
Rating: PG13
Author's Notes: Beware the run-on sentences of doom! Also, mild spoilers for FFX.

#01 - Comfort
Home is gone and the sand is stained with blood and oil and Rikku almost breaks in half from the sorrow, but then Auron murmurs a few words in Al Bhed and she slowly regains herself, clinging to his arm until the well of tears inside her dries.

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