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I've moved most of my fandom activity over to Tumblr. Not there's much of it, however.
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Added a few tropes to Lt Iresso's blurb on the Characters: Star Wars The Old Republic page over at TVTropes. There weren't any! Not even Battle Couple, which is basically a trope for every romance option. This guy needs more fandom love! Awkward romance banter aside, I find him incredibly sweet and refreshingly earnest. A nice counterpart to Tharan, who continues to be a creepazoid.

It took me forever to find it, but I knew there was a trope for people who've been shipped out to some shitty locale for punishment.  Not just Put on a Bus, but Reassigned to Antarctica. Perfect.

I love tropes. They appeal to the reader/writer in me as well as my insane need to put things into lists. Trying to find some more to apply to the Consular and Agent storylines and characters, since I'm the farthest in those two classes.  It's difficult to read through the pages, since I'm still attempting to avoid spoilers... But TVTropes is so damn addictive.
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Have been mailed! Last postcards of this year. I got a new book of postcards from the MCNY; hope you guys like them!
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Have been mailed! I'm sorry for the delay - Had to go to a wedding across the country, and this wreaked havoc on my schedule.
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Rivers Til I Reach You
f!Hawke, on the run from Kirkwall, follows her lover Anders to Denerim, where he has partially begged, partially tricked Queen Cousland into protecting them. Out of the bargain, the Queen-Commander gets their help as she travels across Ferelden, chasing reports of Orlesian involvement in her own country's collapsing Chantry. Also: babies.

I've been severely neglecting my DA Big Bang fic. I got some substantial writing done on the train yesterday and just now did a word count: one-third of the way through. Not bad, but I'd hoped to have it done before NaNo started. ...Yeah, that's probably not going to happen. Slight consolation that the rest of the DA:BB community is procrastinating just as much as me.
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Have been mailed! I need to re-stock, I'm beginning to finally run low. Really like this months', especially the little Digimon drabble.
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[community profile] fannish5: Name five characters whose religious beliefs are important to them.

Dragon Age only!

1) Leliana - Her beliefs in the Maker diverge from those expounded by the Chantry, but her faith is strong enough to support her through the criticism she receives, as well as to encourage her to leave the safety of the cloistered life to join the Warden on his/her march toward death.
2) Sebastian - The man defines himself by his position in the Chantry. All of his decisions are filtered through his interpretation of the Maker. He lives and kills by it.
3) Anders - Oooh, Anders. Fandom's full of discussion about Anders' faith and his view of Andraste. He compares himself and his mission - not unjustly, I think - to the Divine's bride and her exalted genocide.
4) Merrill - The Dalish's religion is as shattered as their culture. Merrill keeps the old ways as alive as she's able, a bittersweet task that causes her to lose as much, if not more, than what she was trying to save.
5) The Qunari - I read somewhere that the Qun is sort of like militaristic Confucianism, which is fascinating. Sten, in the first game, bored me to tears, but the Arishok and his unyielding dependence on the Qun was creepily awesome. It's not that his beliefs are important, they are the absolute definitions of the entire world.
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Have been mailed! I really need to get my lazy ass to a post office to buy more international stamps. But I have all these Forever stamps and the post office is the seventh circle of hell. Ayup.
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Postcards were mailed out this weekend!
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Got the two Dragon Age books. Read them. Bout one of the limited edition DA prints from Bioware. Just now bought jakface" amazing calendar. I love love love her art and this calendar looks hilariously sexily awesome.

I've been doing cool things, too, I swear!

...Played a good 15 hours in my f!Brosca DA game this weekend. She's incredibly awkward, telling jokes that know one gets, not getting the jokes everyone else tells. Cousland was a sweet-talker, Brosca has no persuasion skills. I was joking with The Boy about it - I had to pry Leliana off Cousland during my first play-through; now that I'm wooing her, she doesn't give my poor lonely character the time of day. Half-way through the game and Brosca only just got her first kiss, one that she had to initiate herself after stumbling through one of the most awkward conversations ever. Apparently DA characters only like you when you're hard to get.

Edit: New DA2 DLC announcement tomorrow! Sorry work, sorry school, I have important matters to attend.
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The postcards for July are done!

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Pete finished the Landsmeet yesterday. Rained on Saturday so we lazed in front of the TV and he played 12 hours of DA:O. From 4 in the afternoon until 4 at night, and he only stopped because I woke up, realized he wasn't in bed, and then came out to laugh at him. The addiction spreads! I accidentally spoiled the whole Secret Companion aspect with an off-hand remark about Pete's love of [the voice actor] Simon Templeton. But! I haven't ruined Morrigan's offer yet; we'll see how he copes with that curveball.

I haven't been into a fandom like this since... Damn, I don't know. 3:10 to Yuma, I guess. Maybe Coraline. But this obsession blows both of them out of the water. I am enthralled with this series. Hounded by it. I even joined [livejournal.com profile] dragonage_bang. The world's just so damn expansive, the characters so realistic and likeable, the plot so immersive. Arrggghhhh so good. The DA fandom seems awesome so far: really friendly and porn-tacular.

But instead of DA I played KotOR this weekend, partially to give the XBox 360 a break. I came really close to beating the game the year it was released. In fact, I played about 15 hours on Pete's XBox when we were in school, and then when I went home I bought the PC version and started it again. In fact I think I wrote about it on my LJ. Got to the last planet before my interest fizzled. Bah, I was pathetic. I'm about 15 hours in again, on Tantooine. Playing the same characters: female scout named Sade o'Lir who's romancing Carth. Oh Bioware, Y U so awesome.

I started it almost serendipitously right before E3. So now there's The Old Republic to get excited about. Quitting WoW was almost a relief - the thing was practically a second job - and I haven't even tried another MMO since. ...But TOR is tempting. Very, very tempting.

fannish 5

Jun. 10th, 2011 10:07 pm
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[community profile] fannish5: 5 characters you feel are most likely to read or write fanfiction. (That don't already do so in canon)

1. Anders - Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, Dragon Age 2
Isabela and Varric write/illustrate "friend fiction," which the other characters occasionally have to hear about. I think of the group, Anders would find it the most hilarious. He's creative and imaginative, as a kid in the Circle amused himself by drawing pictures of the adventures of Ser Pounce A Lot, and he's already a writer.

2. Angeal Genesis - Final Fantasy VII
That man was obsessed with Loveless. Not much of a stretch to picture him writing fanfic of it.

3. Chie Satonaka - Persona 4
Chie's a huge martial arts fan with an impressive collection of movies. I can imaging her writing her own scripts or stories, maybe inserting a kick ass Mary Sue to boot.

4. Maya Fey - Ace Attorney
She wouldn't be much of a Steel Samurai fan if she didn't write fanfiction of it.

5. Fakir - Princess Tutu
...He's sorta writing fanfic at the end, isn't he?
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Completely forgot to make a post - the postcards for the Japan and NZ auctions were mailed last week!
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Mailed the Japan and NZ auctions' postcards for May!

Fannish 5

Apr. 29th, 2011 08:00 pm
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[community profile] fannish5: 5 favorite/least favorite royal characters

1. Princess Zelda (The Legend of Zelda series) - Ever since Ocarina, she's been one of my favorite female characters. The princess-to-be-rescued trope usually annoys me, for obvious reasons, but the recent games have put a spin on the tired cliche, and Zelda becomes greater than just a locked-up, passive girl. She has strength and wisdom, and when she kicks ass she really kicks ass.

2. Prince Zuko (Avatar) - C'mon. The angst! The redemption! The awkwardness!

3. Princess Azula (Avatar) - The way her character was developed - I'm still amazed at how much awesome Azula is. For a children's show, hell for any show, it's a rare thing to find a powerful, ambitious, intelligent female character like Azula. Also she's a fascinating foil to her brother, and his rebirth and redemption makes her fall and failure all the more poignant.

4. Ganondorf (The Legend of Zelda series) - He was so, so cool in Ocarina. The dark king who appears in the swirling sand of the wasteland, integrating himself into the royal court and then killing for the throne as a storm rages outside the castle walls. <3

5. Yuffie (Final Fantasy VII) - ...She's kinda a princess, right?


Apr. 7th, 2011 08:20 am
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Mailed them out last Friday and took a picture, but since then my memory-card reader has died and all attempts to resuscitate it over the past week have failed. Sorry, guys! Have ordered a new one, which will hopefully arrive soon.


Mar. 17th, 2011 10:35 pm
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Mailed the first postcard from the NZ auction! Those are me and The Boy's hands - It was a duel effort. It was a cool looking postcard: a black-and-white shot of the Brooklyn Bridge that I bought from a store down the block from us.


Mar. 17th, 2011 10:33 pm
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I've been rigorously following the crisis in Japan since last week. There are two fandom auctions going on, help_japan at LJ and help-japan at DW. I'm offering another year of postcards.


...And I just bought a bunch of new postcards the other day when I was at Union Square! The Strand had some really nice ones, better quality than the ones at tourists' stalls.


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