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Had a good weekend and Columbus day. The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour was remastered and re-released, and a theater nearby was doing a screening, so The Dude, The Dude's folks, and I went to witness the monstrosity in all its glory. It was better than I remember! Even entertaining!
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Seeing Paul McCartney tonight! The god descends to the mortal realm!

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Ok, this is the greatest skit and song ever, even without the awesome that is Paul McCartney.

And on a related note, I have successfully converted Pete, who now is rapture of Paul McCartney's sex appeal. Oh you foxy grandpa you. It makes me so happy that Paul's still a goofball.
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Tomorrow's John Lennon's birthday - he would have been 70 this year - and to coincide with it, the biopic Nowhere Boy is opening here in the States. We're seeing it tomorrow, as well as LennoNYC, which is showing for free in the park. He loved this city. Yoko does too; she still lives in the Dakota.
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Another day late. Crazy busy yesterday and when I got home form school, we had The Beatles: The First U.S. Visit to watch.

Anyway, another John and Paul quote today, for the Ivor Novello awards ceremony in 1967. I like this one because they're both trying to give the other one credit - They did that a lot, even after the break-up. The respect they had for each others' abilities was immense. (From Beatles Interviews Database.)

Q: "This (first award) goes to the A-side of the record issued in 1966 which achieved the highest certified British sales in the period the 1st of January to the 31st of December 1966. You may have been wondering whether the Beatles have won anything. They did get one or two awards. This is the first of them, and it goes to 'Yellow Submarine.' Best-selling A-side number in Britain last year, for which John and Paul you get this."

PAUL: "We are truly grateful."

JOHN: (excitedly) "Great, great."


Q: "Good. Who was principally responsible, Paul or John?"

JOHN: "Paul."

PAUL: "John, really."

JOHN & PAUL: "No. No."

And here's from a little later in the same interview:
Q: "Apart from being the runner-up in the 'most performed' section, I think that must have been the most recorded number last year... must've been about 400 versions of it. You must have heard some of them. Is there any one that you think is a standout performance?"

JOHN: "Uhh, one by a young fellow called Paul McCartney had a sort of plaintive approach."

PAUL: (laughs)
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In 1966 the Beatles went to Japan to perform at the Nippon Budokan, an event arena in Tokyo. Prior to the Beatles the arena was strictly for martial arts performances; it was a sacred space. They were the first rock and roll band to play there - Now of course it's a famous music venue.

Not everyone was happy with this change. The Beatles received death threats and for their protection were sequestered in their hotel. To keep them occupied, their Japanese promoter brought paper and paint; each got a corner of the paper for his own art.

The Beatles loved it.

John had gone to art college before the band hit it big, and Paul's a talented artist. George and Ringo were just as excited about it. I love the pictures of them gathered around the painting together - They're all so intent on their art.

From Sing My Heart.
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Here's one of the Beatles' music videos - They called them promo videos back then, but the premise is the same (and yep, another first - the invented the music video). This one's one of my favorite - John and Paul are adorably goofy. He keeps mugging at the camera and making faces at Paul, who giggles back. The camera has to keep cutting over to George or Ringo whenever John and Paul back down into laughter, and they even had to do the video a couple of times - notice the different jackets? - but every time it ends up the same.
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A day late - I was crazy sick last night when I got home from school and just lay on the couch and tried not to die.

Anyway, here's another quote from when they were just starting to get big. I love how honest and modest they are here; no one expected them to be big, especially not the lads themselves. From October 3, 1963 for BBC Radio (Beatles Interviews Database):

GEORGE: "To be a guitarist, you're supposed to practice a couple of hours a day. But, I mean, I don't do that."

RINGO: "To be ANYTHING, you're supposed to practice a couple of hours a day."

PAUL: "Yeah."

GEORGE: "Well you know, I mean, the thing is... Individually we're all... (pause) I suppose we're all crummy musicians, really."
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"Yer Blues" is a kick ass rock and roll jam that illustrates John Lennon's darker side. He suffered from depression his whole life, an illness that stemmed from his fear of abandonment. He had good reason for this insecurity: as a small child, his parents took him down to the beach and then made him decided between them. After he chose his mother Julia, his father walked out of their lives. Some years later he was removed from his mother's home, who was deemed an unsuitable parent, and placed with his aunt. He had a rocky relationship with both women, but stayed close with both. He was 17 when his mother was killed.

Anyway, "Yer Blues" covers both his worry ("so lonely...") and his despair ("...wanna die"). It's from the White Album, which also features the wistful song "Julia." This version is a from the Rolling Stone's Rock N Roll Circus, which was an awesome trainwreck of music and drugs. That's a young Eric Clapton on lead. And check out Yoko Ono rolling around in a bag.
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From an interview from August 28, 1963 for the BBC (Beatles Interviews Database):

JOHN: "'How long are you gonna last?' Well, you can't say, you know. You can be big-headed and say, 'Yeah, we're gonna last ten years.' But as soon as you've said that you think, 'We're lucky if we last three months,' you know."

PAUL: "Well, obviously we can't keep playing the same sort of music until we're about forty-- sort of, old men playing 'From Me To You'-- nobody is going to want to know at all about that sort of thing. You know, we've thought about it, and probably the thing that John and I will do, uhh, will be write songs-- as we have been doing as a sort of sideline now-- we'll probably develop that a bit more we hope. Who knows. At forty, we may not know how to write songs anymore."

GEORGE: "I hope to have enough money to go into a business of my own by the time we, umm, do 'flop.' (laughs) And we don't know-- it may be next week, it may be two or three years. But I think we'll be in the business, either up there or down there, for at least another four years."

RINGO: "I've always fancied having a ladies hairdressing salon."

(Beatles giggling)

RINGO: (undeterred) "You know, a string of them, in fact! Strut 'round in me stripes and tails, you know. 'Like a cup of tea, Madam?'"
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John's birthday's coming up - He would have been 70 this year. There are all sorts of memorial concerts and shows going on this week in celebration; and not one to miss a chance to proclaim my love of him and the Beatles, I'm going to post quotes, videos, songs, whatevers to mark the 8 days leading up to his birthday.

Here's post one (a day late, unfortunately). From an interview from August 23, 1963 with Klas Burling (Beatles Interviews Database):

KLAS: "That's Paul, and he's supposed to be the sweet boy in this family, no?"

PAUL: (jokingly) "Aww, shuttup."

JOHN: "His dad was a Mars bar."

PAUL: (laughs)
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Paul's French was better than his, but both their accents were terrible. He followed as much of the ridiculous conversation as he could, adding in his own limited vocabulary when Paul got stuck on conjugating a verb. "Ou est le fromage. Le chien est blanc. Allons enfants de la Patrie. J'aime les petits garcons."

Paul laughed but their waitress pulled a perfect pissed off Frenchie expression and looked pointedly at her pad of paper.

"Je m'appelle Pierre." Paul tried again. "Right? I think that's how you say it."


"Good and French, yeah?"

"I get to be Napoleon then. Je... What's it, again?"

They were completely ignoring her now, heads bent together so he could hear Paul's slow pronunciations.
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They boggled a bit at the Eiffel Tower, even though they'd seen pictures, and Paul rifled through his pockets until he found some coins, but in the end they decided to fuck it and buy wine with the money instead.

Which was fine, because it almost gave him vertigo just staring up at the damned thing. And there were tourists everywhere, including some Yankees taking improbable photos of the sidewalk and the street and shit like that for some reason only evident to their American-addled minds. He and Paul ruined a few of them by popping into the shot at the last second. They were in hysterics about that until some German bird caught on and they had to run helter-skelter through the curving city streets, lest she send some gendarmes after them.

By supper they were drunk and singing. He grabbed Paul in a headlock and rubbed his wine-sticky hands in his hair. Viva la France!


Mar. 24th, 2010 03:14 pm
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I love my new Beatles mood set, BUT GODDAMMIT is the mood theme uploader annoying. No I really DO NOT WANT to use the satisfied picture for relieved! Why won't you upload the okay picture? Why do you taunt me, foul demon?

John Lennon

Dec. 8th, 2009 03:41 pm
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Twenty-nine years ago, here in New York City, John Lennon was murdered.
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Let me preface this by saying that The Beatles are my favorite band. Ever. They are the best band. Ever. I could on for ages, complete with jumping up and down and waving my arms wildly and probably convulsing on the floor, about how phenomenal they are, how they invented modern music, how important they are not just to rock and roll, but to the entire musical industry. HELL THE ENTIRE WORLD.

John Lennon.

Paul McCartney.

Are awesome.

Their relationship. Christ, I don't even know how to articulate the beautiful complexity of Lennon/McCartney.

Lifting Latches by thinkpink20
Pairing: John Lennon/Paul McCartney
Rating: NC-17 for sex
HOLY SHIT JESUS CHRIST THIS IS THE BEST STORY EVER WRITTEN. When Beatles Rock Band came out, I started joining Beatles communities on LJ. I worked my way through them all and eventually ended up reading RPS of the lads. It was mostly for the lol factor; I'd never been a fan - or even really interested by the concept - of RPS. For shits and giggles I started reading fics, though and I found "Lifting Latches."

So, this is a review coming from someone who has a thorough knowledge of and love for the Beatles; and while is a slasher and is interested in homosexuality, bisexuality, and sexuality in general, was never a John/Paul fan (am now, of course; partially converted by this fic). SERIOUSLY, READ IT. Paul's shyness and desperation to impress the older John; John's need to maintain his influence over Paul coupled with his own insecurities... AWESOME. The natural fluctuation of teenage desire during a conservative time period, and the fears of social rejection for an "unnatural" interest... AWESOME. The bond between John and Paul and their need to strengthen and explore it... SO AWESOME.

Besides that, this story is incredibly well written. [livejournal.com profile] thinkpink20 walks the delicate line between action and exposition. Her Paul is thoughtful and observant, but the story never slows under too much emotional analysis. At the same time, her action scenes are perfectly paced.

And the sex scene is HOT. A lot of slash - hell, a lot of romance - falls into one of two categories: 1) too impersonal, insert-tab-a-into-tab-b sex, and 2) overwrought, over-fraught purple prose sex. Then there's the weird clinicalness that some sex scenes take on, where I feel like I'm reading the minutes from a physical exam, and it's counterpart the author-is-actually-a-virgin stuff where manroots pulsate into love canals. In short, writing convincing sex is hard. But thinkpink20 MASTERS it. Paul and John's scene together is smoking hot. Paul's desire underlines the whole story, and by the time they get into bed, the passion practically palpitating through the lines.

Also, Paul is PERFECT. Fictional!Paul often suffers from acute weepy uke syndrome. This Paul is shy and uncertain, but he's often wiser than John, and while he's not as forward as John, Paul still knows what he wants and when they meet, they do so as equals.

And what's best about this fic?


This. Story. Is. The. Fucking hottest thing. Ever.

All the amazing things about the first story carry over to the second: great characterization, awesome Britishisms, flawless pacing. While the sex scene in "Lifting Latches" is incredibly satisfying, it can be (as Paul himself in the story reflects) interpreted as "just getting off." He - and the audience - worry that he/we read too much into it.

But wow, the climax (hurrrrr) of this story blows (durrrrr) everything away.

Again, the sex is perfect. Steamy and sensitive, it's both sexually arousing and emotionally satisfying. The first, second, and third times I read that part, I actually blushed. I won't spoil it, but John has a line that sets off Paul (and the reader, by extension) and it's so bloody perfect I want to tattoo it on my forehead. thinkpink20 deftly twists everything with that one little line - it's so perfectly John-like. The words aren't really profane, but the choice to use one term in particular is so effective: it's dirty and personal and raw and wow.

I was explaining it all to Pete last night - or at least trying to; this rec is evidence that I'm barely lucid: Part of the reason I'm interested in slash is there's the conflict of man vs self, man vs man, and man vs society. Will man choose to put into danger his place in his world for love? Is his love strong enough to be tested by the illegality of his relationship with his lover? Slash stories don't always explore that; a lot of the time, I find that the whole social consequences of sodomy stuff is ignored. Which is fine, not every story needs to try to dismantle (or even acknowledge) the heteronormative establishment. And sometimes slash stories get too involved with it, so that I'm not reading romance as much as I am a dissertation. But once again, [livejournal.com profile] thinkpink20 does it perfectly. Toward the end of "Postcards," Paul stops himself from fantasizing a certain something because of how "queer" it could be. (And then, because [livejournal.com profile] thinkpink20 is a genius), he immediately worries about John.

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I played a little Final Fantasy VII last night. I got Tifa's and Aeris' two level 2 limit breaks, and have Cloud's level 3 break. But Cloud's easy. Playing FFVII stirs up all sort of plot bunnnies, WHICH NEED TO SHUT UP because I need to focus on TTBtM and studying. But I want to right an epic about Yuffie working as a Turk, about Rufus exploring green energy sources, about Tifa becoming a lounge singer on the side. Eee! I love the Yuffie&Reno/Rufus friendship triangle. Man, the day needs more hours in it.

I've been incredibly busy. And now I have a new duty: Playing Rock Band: Beatles. Snap! Amazon said it might arrive tomorrow, but as of this morning, my package was in Brooklyn. So if all goes according to plan, I'll be rocking my socks off tonight.


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