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Her dark robes puddled around her legs as she sat on the floor of her room, trying to meditate. Nadia had been working on clearing her mind for what felt like hours, attempting to ignore the clicks and whirls of the engine and the clank of boots across metal floors, but when someone knocked on her door, she gave up completely. It wasn't an excuse to stop, she told herself as she rose to her feet, it was simply being polite. Her knees cracked as she moved and she banished an angry word from the tip of her tongue before she started cursing.

When Nadia opened the door Felix Iresso, the soldier her master had plucked from the icy tundra of Hoth, grinned down at her. He was in his armor still, the white of Republic soldiers with orange stars on his shoulders. "Hey. I'm not interrupting, am I?"

"No, not at all," she assured him hurriedly. They hadn't spoken much, but she was pleased to see him and not Tharan Cedrex. "I was just... thinking."

"Probably have a lot to think about," he said mildly. "Congratulations on it. Your dad would be proud. So what do I call you? Jedi Nadia? Master Grell?"

Nadia waved her hands to dismiss the titles. "Neither. I'm just a padawan, not a Jedi yet. And definitely not a Master. Just Nadia is fine. Um. What should I call you? You were a Lieutenant, right?"

"Still am." He rubbed the back of his neck and Nadia could feel - through the Force like a real Jedi! - a wave of affection as he thought about his unit. At that moment she felt a closeness to him; she understood the confusing jumble of conflicting emotions that were created upon Master Sade's acceptance. There was no way to cut through the ties to one's old life, and even with all that a position on the Defender could offer, anxiety and regret still bound her. Nadia studied him with new interest and he grinned again under her inspection. This smile was more sheepish and made him look more like a big brother than a commanding officer. "But you're not one of my boys; you don't have to call me LT."

Nadia had heard Tharan and Zenith refer to him as Iresso, but Master Sade used his given name. Neither seemed right to Nadia, one too distant and one too close, so instead she echoed, "LT. I like it. Can I call you that? Is that ok?"

"Sure. Now, I came down to tell you that food's ready. You hungry?"

"I'll come up," she answered and followed him up the stairs.

"Good excuse as any to put off training, huh?" he said over his shoulder at him. She ducked her head and mumbled something into her robes and he chuckled. "Don't worry - I won't tell your master on you."

"Thanks, LT." This time when he smiled at her, Nadia smiled back.

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Sometimes I wish dreamwidth had a "like" button. I can't come up with anything useful to say, but, hey, I liked this.


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