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It didn't take a long time to get from Tatooine to Dantooine, but it was long enough for me to think over what Carth had told me. A part of me ached for him, the poor dope, but another side was almost glad that his wife had died.

His son was another tie and I couldn't help but curse his existance. I didn't want anyone to come before me, not another woman and not even a child.

It wasn't my fault that I had such evil, selfish thoughts. I did as the Force willed me and I had to walk whatever path it chose. Dark, Light... What did it matter? I was a pawn, pure and simple.
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Tanis was as slimy and reaked of sin and I was glad that Carth was still on the ship. He'd sputter galantly and step in for my benefit (as if I needed him to fight my battles!) and make a mess of the whole situation. Bastila and Mission would probably not approve; flirting and gallavanting were not activities proper for a Jedi Padawan. Still, I was the leader of my rag-tag crew and I'd do as I pleased.

"Well darling, old Tanis might just be what you need."

I demured, chuckling a bit. "You are pretty straight forward for a married man."

"He seems pretty forward, period." Bastila spat, beside me. Her dirty look was most unbecoming; weren't Jedis supposed to hide their feelings?

I ignored her and continued to prod Tanis. "Have you ever seen the Sand people with anything odd?" I asked, trying to be as vague as possible without bridging into confusion.

He answered my questions easily enough; I was glad I wouldn't have to Persuade him into helping me. It was easier to rely on my innate strengths rather than my Force gifts, and I felt like I was cheating if I did.

I tried my best to be sexy; imitating the Twi'Lek slaves I had met on Taris seemed to prove fruitful.
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Sade stepped back and eyed the man carefully. This dope was the only surviver on the whole damn ship? Talk about a bad day.


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