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Books! Everywhere! Sometimes I think being a librarian is only going to enable my bibliomania. I haven't done a post of links in a while, so here's a dose of bookorama. All links can also be found at my delicious account.

Deciphering Old Texts, One Woozy, Curvy Word at a Time - "Captchas ensure that robots do not hack secure Web sites. What Web readers do not know, however, is that they have also been enlisted in a project to transform an old book, magazine, newspaper or pamphlet into an accurate, searchable and easily sortable computer text file."

Rare Book Room - High-quality scans of rare books. My favorite is Poissons, ecrevisses et crabes, de diverses couleurs et figures
and its Yellow Submarine-esque illustrations.

Lafcadio Hearn begs "Don't disgust me, please --" - For Christmas, one of Pete's friends got him a second printing of Hearn's Japan: An Attempt at Interpretation, since we had seen Kwaidan and loved it; since then, I've been using that copy of the book in my cataloging projects. Anyway, this is a letter from Hearn to a woman who apparently had sent him a picture of her in a low-cut dress. "You are a fine woman in regard to health and strength; you are not a handsome or even a tolerably good looking woman physically, and your picture is simply horrible, horrible, horrible."

16th-Century Friend Books as Social Networking, or, At Least, Status-Gathering - People don't change much, not really. Here are some example of autograph/message books from the 16th century. I wish I could read German!

Legacy Libraries at LibraryThing - A project to add the libraries of famous people to LibraryThing. You can learn so much about a person by viewing their book collections. Yeah, I'm one of those types that judges you based on what you're reading. Anyway, a fascinating look into a personal side of some of history's most interesting characters. And who knew that Jeff Buckley was so into the beat movement?

28 Vintage Book Club Mailers - Oh man. I loved these things. I'd mark the ones I wanted (basically all of them) and then haggle with my mother as to which one or two she'd actually let me get.

Confessions of a Book Hoarder - I can relate. "The word hoard means “treasure” and evolves from “a thing hidden.” I have six bookcases in my office. That should be enough, but I have eight auxiliary stashes. These are in my night table, and in my husband’s night table, hidden in my children’s rooms, in my husband’s office, under the coffee table, in the kitchen, and behind a door in the living room" - Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer. Right now, we're keeping a stash of books in the freezer. Don't ask.

Caring for a Book Collection - Advice for protecting and preserving our precious babies from Nancy Bass Wyden, co-owner of the Strand Bookstore.

Find the Future at The New York Public Library - So, so cool. Win a chance to spend all night in the NYPL, uncovering its secrets.

book per diem - One used book a day for sale. Some lovely choices, like The Hearthstone and The Swarm.
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Ok, this is the greatest skit and song ever, even without the awesome that is Paul McCartney.

And on a related note, I have successfully converted Pete, who now is rapture of Paul McCartney's sex appeal. Oh you foxy grandpa you. It makes me so happy that Paul's still a goofball.
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Earth from above - Gorgeous aerial photographs. The mountains in Kyrgyzstan might be my favorite.

Images: A Journal of Film - Great site for movie buffs.

Big Apple Tweed - Pff Steampunk's dead to me. Tweed and 1920s fashion is where it's at. I love living in New York!
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Jesus christ. This song. I actually teared up on the subway. This should be the American anthem, this quiet, melancholy song about the bittersweet taste of memories and the slow, heavy weight of failure that we drag behind us as we trudge along.
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Notes from New Sodom: The Lost Airbender by Hal Duncan - Insightful and painful article exploring cultural appropriation with a focus on AtLA.

English minus the non-Germanic words by Poul Anderson - An essay written without Germanic vocabulary. "Today we wield both kind of uncleftish doings in weapons, and kernelish splitting gives us heat and bernstoneness. We hope to do likewise with togethermelting, which would yield an unhemmed wellspring of work for mankindish goodgain."

Kowloon Walled City - I read an article somewhere about this place early in the week but then lost the URL. The wiki page is still interesting. Authors! Write about this place! A city so densly built and packed that some parts never saw sunlight? So. Freaking. Cool. And disturbing. Here's another article on io9.

Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors - A new visual-horror game coming out for the DS. The premise sounds awesome: "You're a college student who finds himself trapped on a sinking ferry with eight other passengers, forced to play a twisted game where losing means a watery grave."

Handsome Men Who Are Now Dead - Name's right there on the tin. Oh Cary Grant, you were so gorgeous. And now you're so dead.
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"Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings), James Denton (Desperate Housewives), Busy Phillips (Freaks & Geeks), Kevin McDonald (Kids in the Hall) and Curtis Armstrong (Revenge of the Nerds) help Jason Smith fulfill his dream and bring a 2-decade-old screenplay to life. Shot at Mortified in 2006." Aw. Wood is excellent here, even when delivering the cheesiest of cheesy lines. In fact the whole cast is great - Way to go, guys.

'Sea monster' fossil found in Peru desert - "Researchers scanning the Peruvian desert for whale fossils have stumbled upon the remains of a "sea monster" three times the size of a modern day killer whale." Giant prehistoric whales are awesome! And I'm never going swimming in the ocean again.

London Lives - A massive online archive of Londoners from 1690 to 1800. The database includes primary sources like biographies of criminals from Newgate Prison, parish records, session papers from the Justice of the Peace, wills, fire records, and tax documents. Of course the first thing I did, before even looking up my own last name, was to see if there were any Lennons or McCartneys living in London at the time. A great resource.

Valley of the Khans Project - "By participating in the online exploration on this site, YOU can join our team by examining these satellite images and searching for clues that will guide our quest to discover the lost tomb of Genghis Khan!" SO COOL. I'm Indiana Jones, if Indiana Jones worked 9 to 5 behind a computer and had a coffee mug instead of a whip.

branchandroot's Global Steam project - [personal profile] branchandroot's AWESOME AWESOME project. She noticed that steampunk, as cool and as rebellious as it is, rarely ventures outside the borders of Anglo-centric society. "It would also open up possibilities for experimenting with steampunk style in a far wider variety of cultures and aesthetics without, and this was very important, without simply reifying the deeply racist orientalism of Victorian Britain."

Edit: Tea Party Jesus - Your morality is pasted on yay. Quotes from Conservatives shopped onto images of Jesus. Hilarious. And sad.

Edit II: Spiritual Tourism - A secret city built under the Alps by a bunch of motivated amateurs. The result is a startling and lush community. "With tenacious devotion and a startling degree of art, they transformed these underground spaces into the Temples of Humankind: a remarkable otherworldly honeycomb of sacred murals, onyx mosaics, stained glass, sculpture, inlaid marble, hidden passageways, precious metals, mirrored stone, alchemical elixirs, and-who knows?-maybe even the cosmic energy circuits, intergalactic portals, and temporal wormholes that the people of Damanhur suggest are the ultimate functions of their sacred architecture."
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Tiny Art Director - An artist and his dictator of a child. His daughter's judgments on his art are hilarious. Like, I'm crying they're so funny.

My First Dictionary - I might have linked to this blog already... I have no long-term memory. Anyway, it's a dictionary in the style of a learning-to-read book, only with the most depraved sentence examples ever.

On literature
The Best Word Book Ever, 1963 vs 1991 - I have the old version, which my mom got me as a small child in the 80s - it was one of the few books in English she could find while we were living in Switzerland, so she bought it even though it was bound backward - and it was my favorite book for years. I did noticed, even as a kid, how gender biased it was; a lot of changes were made for the 1991 edition apparently, and this set of pictures compares the two versions.

False documents - "The creation of false documents is at its best an act of liberation, to tell something truer than the established truth."
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My internal clock is borked, so I've been up since five this morning. Rather than do anything productive before work, I've been playing around with my account at LibraryThing. I look organizing things, and I love organizing books more than anything else, so this is pretty much heaven in a webpage for me. What can I say, I'm a librarian at heart. Pete says it's a good way to prepare for school. He's a sweetheart; he could have told me I was dorky and obsessive, which I feel is closer to the truth.

I used my purchases from Amazon.com as a starting point, but those books only make up a small portion of my collection. It's hard deciding which books are mine, which are Pete's. For the most part, there's no distinguish between our books, since we read basically the same things and share bookshelves, but there are some books in our apartment that I've no interest in reading and I'm sure he feels the same.

Apparently there's a way to add a LibraryThing widget to DW - I'd love to have that on my journal.

Edit: Grrr. I had the widget working for, like, two minutes but now it's not pulling up my information. Damn you, technology!

Edit II: Well, I'm lost. Not only will the widget for my LibraryThing not load, but when I copied the code for [personal profile] suncat's widget, who was helping me, that one won't load either. This leads me to believe that my DW is interfering somehow, though I'll be damned if I can figure out how. So now I'm sad.
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The Beauty Of Typography: Writing Systems And Calligraphy Of The World - Fascinating article about written characters that are like tiny pictures of art. Check out Kufi. Wow.

I wish I were a better linguist. I've always been terrible with language; I struggled through French and Latin in school, and even my English vocabulary is severely limited. But damn! It'd be amazing to be fluent in Japanese, Arabic, Korean, or any other of the scripts shown here.


May. 14th, 2010 01:19 pm
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Real world stuff
FDA to look into gene tests to be sold at Walgreen - On the one hand, I'm not sure how useful it'd be to know what sort of diseases are written into my genes, but on the other hand, it'd be pretty cool to learn about who I am on a genetic level.

1940s London in stunning hi-res colour - Colored photographs of London. Gorgeous!

grow house grow - Beautiful hand-painted wallpaper. The Victorian women with bugs is amazing - Wish I could afford it.

Video games
The Escapist: Phoenix Wright's Objection! - A comparison of the judicial system in Japan and the one portrayed in the Ace Attorney universe.

The Humble Indie Bundle experiment - A bunch of game developers created a packet of DRM-free games and are offering them at a name-your-own-price. Half the proceeds are being donated to charity. I purchased the bundle because I admire what they're doing and also because Samorost 2 is included and HOT DAMN was the first Samorost amazing. Samorost 1 is free and can be played in your browser; I highly highly highly recommend giving it a play through.
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Letters of Note - A collection of letters, post cards, telegrams, and the ilk from famous (or at least interesting) people. There's a great one from George Harrison in which he gives instructions for washing a car: "5/. The windows [interior] should be polished now, after which you can retire for another tea."

TheBeatleSource - The Savage Young Beatles: 1950s - Speaking of the Beatles, I love this picture. It's a very young Paul McCartney playing guitar in his backyard. The composition (am I using that words right?) of the pic is great - Paul framed by the drying laundry and window curtains; so serene and comfortably domestic.

Mummified baby corpse missing from NH grave site - This whole news articles is wtf hilarious, but the last line is the greatest part. Oh my god. I read it aloud to my co-workers and concluded with "That. Is. AWESOME."

The Alchemist Keyboard - A beautiful steampunk keyboard.

Kenyan Sci-Fi Short Pumzi Hits Sundance With Dystopia - The trailer is beautifully shot. I hope writer/director Wanuri Kahiu is able to turn it into a full-length feature.


May. 5th, 2010 02:44 pm
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Everyone and their pet donkey has heard of the wank involving Diana Gabaldon and the evil that is fanfic by now so I'm late jumping onto the bandwagon, but I just gotta say that damn, that woman is tripping balls crazy.

If I ever get published, I'd consider fanfic about my book an honor greater than any award. Because it means that not only do people like your stuff, they're inspired by it.

Fanfic is awesome! It gives me new ways to explore the characters, situations, worlds. It keeps that universe open and alive. And where else am I going to read about mpreg? Come on!

Also, if I get published, I will read the hell out of any fanfic for my stuff. In fact, I'm going to write my own. One of the amazing things about fanfic is that it allows you to write characters in ways that you couldn't get away with in profic. That is, there are tropes that are acceptable for fanfic that aren't for profic.

...I might have already planned out some fanfic. I can neither confirm nor deny that I've worked out a gender!switch story.
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Unfunny business
How religion has let society down by Franklin Veaux - A thoughtful post about sex and organized religion. "This obsession with sex extends to social ideas about morality. If someone tells you "I have strong morals" or "I believe in good moral values," you can be pretty sure that what they're talking about is sex."

Appropriate Cultural Appropriation by Nisi Shawl - Shawl uses the term "Invaders" along with "Tourists" and "Guests" to describe authors relationships with other cultures. I found that a helpful method of definition; it gives a clear distinction between respectful and ignorant methods of appropriation. "A good deal of transcultural writing's bad reputation is owing to authors and audiences who act like Invaders. In one unpublished story I've seen, the writer took a sacred song here, a tattoo there, snapped up a feast featuring roasted pig and manioc root from somewhere else and presto! South Pacific Island culture at our fingertips!"
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If you want to be taken seriously, maybe you shouldn't have such ridiculous covers. Just a thought.

Also, LJ is up to it's old shenanigans: [LJ]'s still modifying all unaffiliated links to certain websites to add the LJ affiliate number. Good job, LJ! Way to act like a dick! Again! I'll be over here, celebrating a year of drama-free awesome at DW.
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Real life stuff
British warship Somerset resurfaces off Cape Cod - The remains of a British warship that sunk in 1778 have been uncovered on a beach in Cape Cod. SO COOL. The Revolution is my favorite time period in American history - And that combined with a mysterious wreckage that appears and disappears over the ages equals awesome.

7 (More!) Underground Wonders of the World: Lost Caverns and Buried Cities - Speaking of cool underground stuff, more pictures of wonders found in unexpected places.

Snails! - Just a cute picture of snails. Aw.

Helpful shit
Start to Finish Guide to Whipping Your Music's Metadata into Shape - I desperately need to organize my music. iTunes hates me as much as I hate it, and uploading music to it is a battle, so my music folders are a disaster. I'm going to try this guide this weekend.
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On media and -isms
dear hollywood: I resent you. Srsly. by kaigou - "I'm just plain tired of always the same faces, the same middle-class heterosexual cisgendered cissexed abled white male take on things. I want something different. I'm tired of seeing and hearing ads for movie after movie with fabulous budget and intriguing premise and amazing effects and knowing that the story's centerpiece is, wow, quelle shock, another freaking white guy." YES YES YES.

The Importance of Being Bellatrix Lestrange by Ouyang Dan - Interesting post about mental illness and communication, using Bellatrix from Harry Potter as an example. "The importance of Bellatrix Lestrange is that she represents real people…real women who exist — whether intentional on the part of J.K. Rowling or no — who have valid concerns in the world, and who can not get their voices heard because their mental illness (or any disability) creates a barrier between what they say and what others are willing to hear."

The cost of art by fiction_theory - Amanda Palmer is a trainwreck of ignorance and insensitivity. fiction_theory compares Palmer to Erykah Badu, using Badu's new music video to break down American culture's views on art and women's bodies.

Real world stuff
'I pray lovely creature, comply!' 300-year-old stash of erotica found hidden in Lake District manor house - Human nature doesn't change much. I'd love to read a historical novel where the characters have a stash of steamy stories of their own.

The stunning pictures of sleeping insects covered in water droplets - Absolutely gorgeous.

Summerwind Mansion - A wiki article about a supposedly haunted mansion in Wisconsin. "One example is that when they attempted to draw blueprints, the dimensions of the house would change, with some rooms producing larger measurements on some days than on others. Photographs taken of the same location, on the same film, were also said to show a single room as several different sizes. even if they were taken seconds apart, or to show furnishings that had been in the room when the Hinshaws had lived there, but which had since been removed." Ooooh man. Shivers. Unreliable geometry is one of my favorite scary story tropes.
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Hurp de freaking durpy dupen doodly hurpen do, people, my god.
- AchromaticMagus' response to Crackdown 2 Is Kind Of A Sausage Party at Kotaku

Then: Released.
Now: Released.
Advantage: Draw
- Dave Itzkoof's Clash of ‘Clash of the Titans’: When Titans Clash at the NYT
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On writing
Tragedy and Comedy by sartorias - Happily ever after (HEA) endings in fantasy genres - Should they be required? As much as I love seeing characters' trials resolve happily, I don't think fantasy stories - or stories in any genre, really - require smiles and rainbows and puppies. It depends completely on that individual story. China Mieville's Perdido Street Station comes to mind: amazing book that stays true to its dark roots, even to the end.

HEA, HFN, and Romance with a capital R by j_cheney - An exploration on the same subject, but in the romance genre. I think that romance is a different fish entirely when it comes to HEA: the whole point of a romance novel is to get the two main characters to hook up, and (at least in the romance genre) love = happiness. In this case, HFN means "happy for now," which apparently is popping up in more new romances. I'm fine with the ambiguity, so as long the story gets resolved at some point, like in a sequel/spin-off/what have you.


Mar. 24th, 2010 03:14 pm
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I love my new Beatles mood set, BUT GODDAMMIT is the mood theme uploader annoying. No I really DO NOT WANT to use the satisfied picture for relieved! Why won't you upload the okay picture? Why do you taunt me, foul demon?
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On writing
[writing|process] Language, language, and the temptations of etymology by [livejournal.com profile] jaylake - I love reading Jay Lake's posts, no matter what the topic. In this one he ponders word choice in fiction, and when a word's etymology makes it inappropriate to use in a story. This is something that keeps me up at night - Good to know that I'm not (completely) insane.

Coll-ab-o-ration by Rachel Swirsky - I had always wondered how authors collaborate on a story.

Yaoi, slash, and characterisation by [personal profile] lanjelin - Thoughts on yaoi - Let me show them to you. I'm interested how the gay experience compares and relates to slash/yaoi (fan)fiction, and this essay brings up some good points about how authors characterize their characters through sexual tropes and labels.

Real world stuff
A Host of Mummies, a Forest of Secrets from The NY Times - Chinese archaeologists discovered an amazing cemetery in the middle of a desert in Xinjiang. What makes the find even more interesting is that the 4,000 year old corpses are from European descent. The whole article is great - I love reading about burial customs, and the fact that the bodies were buried in boats in the middle of a desert really fascinates me.

The Ides of March - and Caesar's Comet by [livejournal.com profile] dr_nebula - On comets and Cesar's assassination.


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