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The news of you Lord Dorian's betrothal collapse - and thus social collapse as well - moved at the speed of wildfire through the Minrathous elite; and like a fire it was destructive, laying to ruin no only Lord Dorian's reputation, but that of his long suffering parents, Lord and Lady Pavus.

Far from sharing their devastation, Dorian was in a mood that some who saw him at his club described as delighted.

In fact, Lord D-- commented to Lord C--, in a voice he didn't attempt to lower, "No honest lady in Tevinter will have him now." And later, discussing the moment with friends over whiskey, both men were positive that Dorian chortled into his drink.

There was no recourse but to leave the city. Unfashionably early the Pavuses made haste for Qarinus, where Dorian promptly left the Pavus summer estate to spend far too much time (and allowance) in the taverns in town. His parents sequestered themselves in the library and with a health libation of Antivan wine, discussed their dwindling options. Lists of names were drawn, argued over, tossed into the fireplace. Copies of family histories were piled into unstable towers. upper and then dinner were ignored, to the consternation of the kitchen staff.

Orlais was out of the question. Antiva was a possibility, though one that made both their aristocratic noses turn up. Nevarra had been exhausted. Ferelden was not even mentioned. The Free Marches, they finally accepted with unhappy sighs. If Dorian's marriage situation had not been dire, they wouldn't have considered it, but the burden of children is the lot of any parent, and the Pavus were determined to shoulder it, at least until they could unload it onto his wife.


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