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Despite my real life discontent, I am happy about the new DAI dlc! Where the hell did this come from? It's timely, that's for sure - Yesterday morning the Dude and I were discussing the possibility of dlc, and how I was saving my days off for a dlc release. Welp, looks like I'll be calling in sick.

I still need to get a handle on my m!Trevelyan. My f!Cadash and f!Trevelyan are so straight forward - I love crafting/writing/watching heroic women, so I got their characters down pretty well. My m!Hawke was easy, too, because he's such a failure of a hero. A good person, definitely, and a hell of a fighter, but in terms of accomplishment? Especially compared to my two f!Wardens....? That's what I like about Hawke - about purple!Hawke, in particular, who seems to understand just how fast things spiral out of his control.

So yeah, anyway, my m!Trevelyan doesn't have my female characters general kick-ass-ness, nor Hawke's charisma. And when he loses his faith, he loses his sense of self. I don't think it helps that Dorian can end up with Bull - it makes that relationship seem more, I don't know, tenuous? Especially since Dorian is hell-bent on leaving for Tevinter. I miss Anders' burning desire for you, or Alistair's devotion, or Leliana's trust.


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