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12. OTP
UGH. SO MANY. For main character/companion, it's f!Cousland/Alistair. They're just so right together. Alistair's pure devotion to Cousland is so heart-warming. He's so dedicated; he doesn't see anyone else but her. My Cousland is fiercely protective of him; he represents the life she's supposed to leave behind, the life that as a Grey Warden, she no longer has a right to. Cousland flips the world upside to give Alistair the happy ending he's always wanted.

Following closely behind is Hawke/Anders, naturally. Both f! and m!Hawke... Can't decide which gender I prefer more. My f!Hawke is similar to Cousland in her attempt to create a haven for her lover. She wants stability, or at least a sense of control. As a mage, dude!Hawke is more concerned with just surviving. So when everything comes crashing down, f!Hawke loses much more than her male counterpart. But I love her she's willing to make that sacrifice for Anders.

For NPCs, I've been digging Connor/Fenyriel. And then there's Bethany/Leliana, Varric/Anders, Cousland/Anders, Wade/Herren, and Sigrun/Varric. And Aveline/Donnic. And Hespith/Branka. And Fenris/Sebastian.

13. Mages or Templars?
14. Character you wish was a romance option
15. Your favorite “Bro”
16. Your ultimate team from all games
17. Favorite Origins story
18. Character you are most like?
19. Character who’d be your best friend
20. Character you wouldn’t get along with
21. Favorite villain
22. Favorite NPC
23. Scene you wish you could change the outcome of the most
24. Most shocking scene
25. Scene that made you cry
26. Crack OTP
27. Best part of the games
28. Worst part of the games
29. If you made a deal with a demon what would your bargain be?
30. Hopes for Dragon Age 3
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