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We've been hauling in books by the bagful - Not only did we raid the bankrupt Borders, but when we were in Connecticut last week, the cheapo bookstore in town was closing and we managed to find some good tomes among the crap.

And I bought Borders' ebook reader, the Kobo! Got it at a huge discount. I figured that as a librarian-in-training, I needed some experience playing with an ebook. ...So uploading and reading fanfic is totally like homework. Totes. What I like about it: I dunno... That I can read fanfic on it? What I don't like: It doesn't really turn off, at least not as "off" as I'd like. Also, sometimes the "ink" of the previous page doesn't fade all the way. Also turning the "page" takes about half a second too long. not a big deal, but I'm used to being in control of my book and don't like having these limitations.

What I've been reading
Heartless by Gail Carriger - I'm only half-way in, but so far it's not as enjoyable as the earlier books. Too much Alexia being pregnant, not enough of her kicking ass. And she can certainly do both, by it seems like every piece of dialog, every description... She's so fat! She eats so much! Babies everywhere!

The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald - Adorable. I love this genre. MacDonald inspired Tolkien and Lewis, among other. Just downloaded the sequel.

Hushed Voices - A collection of essays on human rights violations. There's so much shit in the world that goes on unnoticed.

Shades of Milk and Honey by Mary Kowal - Not as good as Jonathan Strange, but I burned through this books. Main character Jane was a sweetheart, if a bit of a milquetoast.

Rosie Winter series by Kathryn Miller Haines - Love love love love. Rosie Winter is a frewuently out of work actor living in NYC in the 1940s. She's smart and hilarious, but also a flawed and believable character. Fights crime, dances poorly in choruses, drinks up a storm. I've devoured the series and can't wait for the next book.
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