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The Alientist, Angel of Darkness, and The Italian Secretary by Caleb Carr - I burned through The Alienist on the train. It wasn't high lit, but the crime and the setting were so different and so interesting that I couldn't put it down. I picked up the other two books, but apparently The Alienist was a fluke. Angel of Darkness featured the cast of Alienist, only instead of being a hard-boiled, experienced group of super sleuths, they spent the entire book being idiotic. Italian Secretary is a Sherlock Holmes novel. And again, the characters - the unflappable Holmes and the capable Watson - rolled around in hysterics. Big disappointments.

Used and Rare by Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone - A quaint, charming book by two rich assholes. This is a good foray into the book collecting world and mindset. As learners themselves, they explained the crazy vocabulary, the strange habits, and the undeniable appeal of book collections. They start small, buying books for $10, which as a perpetually poor student is usually my budget, and eventually work up to putting down hundreds of dollars on rare editions. I read the whole thing in one afternoon, and when I finished I flipped to the back cover to read about the authors. They're two yuppies living in Westport, Connecticut - one of the richest, whitest towns in one of the richest, whitest states. So worrying about costs, being intimidated by snobby auctioneers, all that was bull. The book was enjoyable, even if the authors are obnoxious.

Ash by Malinda Lo - It wasn't as much of a disappointment as Silver Phoenix, which was the last YA I read, but I still found Ash lacking. Aisling, the main character, was more milquetoast than heroine. And the lesbian romance felt tacked on and rather pointless. Meh. It was a meh sort of book.
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