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The storm blew the snow with such ferocity that the trees disappeared into the white and Farkas could smell only their damp furs and cold breaths, the scent of the fugitive they’d been tracking was lost in the wind and ice.

In front of him Ilessa tramped heavily through the snow banks. She was using her battered shield the block the freezing gusts, but the determination in her steps was wavering. When she stopped and shouted over the wind’s howling that they were going to make camp, Farkas wasn’t surprised, just pointed to where he’d caught sight of a rocky overhang in the brush. It wasn’t much shelter, but he’d survived worse nights. He caught a glimpse of her face, harsh and resolute, through the swirling snow and figured she’d weather it too, even if she was from Cyrodiil.

Farkas broke off dry branches from the trees they passed and when they finally ducked into the cavern, Ilessa yanked free the hanging moss. They put their backs to the cold stone and piled their wood and kindling at the cavern’s mouth. Farkas was rustling through his armor to find flint when Ilessa pulled off one of her gloves. “Here,” she said, and fire blast from her hand. “Magic’s good for something.”

"Not bad."

"I know that and basic healing," she said a she shoved her hand back into her glove. She added a defensive comment, like she was raising her shield, "Useful out in the field."

Vilkas probably would have had something to say to that, but Farkas was glad for the fire. It was something else she could do, something that none of the other Companions did as far as he knew. And it was another thing he liked about her.

She pulled off her hood and shook the snow out of her hair. It was as dark as a wolf’s pelt, and Farkas had something to say about that, about how he liked the color or it, the thickness, how it fell around her face, and how it and all of her smelled of blood and steel, of pine and clover honey. And he liked the way she wielded her axe and the strength in her heavy footsteps. And it annoyed his brother but Farkas liked the way she stepped up when Kodlak wanted help. He couldn’t say that though, or any of it without messing it up, so instead he said with a grin, “Don’t worry - I won’t tell Vilkas.”

Ilessa chuckled and shook her head. “He knows. And wasn’t impressed.”

"He is, even if he doesn’t say it. I am too."

The smile she gave him was a rare one and warmed him up more than the fire.
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