Nov. 26th, 2013

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The first time Anders pulls the tie out of his hair and runs his hands through it, Varric watches Hawke fall in love. Or maybe there was a spell in his quick hand movements, what did a dwarf know about the methods of mages? (He liked the alliteration of that, methods of mages, and tucked it away for later use. Maybe he’d even add a couple of other words, string the repetition out a little more.)

So, there is Hawke, staring with all the attention of his animal namesake. (Varric considered making a joke about if Leandra had married into the Nugs, decided against it - it was too low brow.) Staring until Carver elbows him and the two brothers turned away together, Carver frowning and Tristan grinning again. He bends down to sling his arm over Varric’s shoulder and says, “Nothing like a walk on the beach, eh, Varric?”

"If you consider the Wounded Coast a beach, then sure."

"Damn good idea you had, taking this job." Hawke says and glances over his shoulder. Anders has pulled his hair back up but Hawke still has mesmerized look in his eyes.

It would make for an interesting story. Who doesn’t love a tale of forbidden romance, of danger and strife? The book practically wrote itself. Not a book, Varric corrects himself. A serial. Draw it out, more opportunity for readership. He grins back up and says with an easy shrug, “Stick with me, Hawke. We’ll write this adventure together.”

Carver snorts and Anders appears over Hawke’s shoulder, asking what adventure? and had anyone seen the path recently? and Varric figures that between them and the pirate and the two elves, he’ll have enough material to work with for years to come.

nano 2013

Nov. 26th, 2013 09:12 am
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Blue Sky & River
Working on: Boss battle
Word for this chapter: 1277

I am so behind this year; November was unexpectedly busy for me. I think I can do this, though.


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